Another near Crash!!

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    Some of you may have read my story from long ago about driving to get a new pipe and nearly hitting a semi... well today we topped it in my car! Alright so we smoke a bowl up to celebrate me being healthy again (Had some food poisoning) then go to get snacks. On the way back my friends showing me the dope ass skittles he got at the store, I look over, next thing I know I'm looking up at a car really close stopped, making a right. I slam my breaks and let me tell you, you get less than 1 second for your brain to register whether or not you should swerve. I looked into the ditch and went for it, swerved in slamming the brakes, while I down shift. I wen't from 60-20 or less in seconds, switched back onto the road and got going again. I burned my tires up so bad squealing. I'm glad I have a small car with sick handling. My friend says I can do some crazy good driving when I'm high but only because its the opposite of my attention span. So I can get myself out of bad spots haha. Its funnier when you hear it, kinda one of those had to be theres.

    So lets smoke these bowls and talk about my lean-pocket. The hot pocket for people who think it is the subway of munchies and they'll lose weight. :smoking:

    Oh and we went fishing off on the lake after we bake, ate some cake, cleaned the yard with the rake, for god sake. So yeah we caught tons of big crappie and what not, we kept all the crappie (12 in all) and tossed back the bass. I had one fish on my line so big. I was having a hard time getting this sucker in. We think it may have been a dogfish by the way it was looking when it got kind of close. It broke my hook close up to us though before we could snag it.
  2. To start off on my lean pocket, its cold in the middle but who cares? Crush Grape Soda!:cool:
  3. dang, cold lean pocket.

    maybe you should try and pay more attention on the road...
  4. I know I know.. I haven't crashed yet but thats not an excuse.
  5. That's funny your from MN, I've been saying all my life how drivers from Minnesota know how to drive better than most. This is just proof lol

    i used to live in MN btw :rolleyes:
  6. For some reason when theres a crash about to happen my GTA experience kicks in live. :D
  7. damn, good save at least dude. i would be more careful from now on, next time you might not be so never know. i bet that killed your high too :(
  8. You should put a microwave in your car, so you can cook lean pockets while on the go. :)
  9. See you use your brain to come up with good ideas. I need more ideas for TV infomercials, care to share some ideas? :devious:

  10. the snugwow
    [ame=]YouTube - Snug Wow commercial[/ame]
  11. there are quite a lot of damn good drivers in minnesota, but theyre are also a shitton of dumbasses you should have never gone farther than a big wheel.

    im from mn too. yo op whereabouts in mn are ya from
  12. The big wheel was in the shop, sorry :( I'm about 45 minutes northern region from Minneapolis.
  13. alright, theres a ton of bad drivers in the cities. im from farther north, in the brainerd area
  14. Cool cool haha yeah man the cities are crazy.

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