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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by alpine691, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. my friends been growin a plant in his backyard for a bout 5-6 months now and its finally starting to bud (thank god). the thing is though, he's using miracle gro. now, i don't see anything wrong with this. but my other friends are telling me that if you smoke bud from a plant grown with miracle gro, it could give you some kind of disease ending up killing you. i think this is stupid. i mean, people grow thousands of different plants with miracle gro, why would smokin a miracle gro bud be any different than eating a tomato grown in miracle gro?

    anyways, i'm seeing if anyone could help me. i keep telling them its not true, but they dont want to have anything to do with the plant. info?
  2. I have been using a Miracle Grow bloom boost 5-30-5 and as I understand it as long as you flush the plant ( give it regular water for the last 2-3 weeks of it's flowering period before you harvest) you'll be fine. Adding the regular water at the end "flushes" out the chems. I am pretty sure many people do this.
  3. don't use it.....ORGANICS
  4. you dont need organics.

    Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood and Big Bud is what you want for flowering. Goto your local hydroponic shop.

    This year i used Shultz Bloom Building 5-30-5 with awsome results.

  5. Useing MG on your plant right up until harvest wont kill you, although it will taste pretty damn nasty, thast why most growers (as suggested above) cut the nutes about 2 weeks before harvesting and flush with just water. Nothing is wrong with MG nutes, their soils arnt to great, but the nutes are fine, dont get me wrong there are tons out there better, like schultz, and peters, but MG is fine if thats all you have.
    As for what kind of nutes to get for flowering, anything with high phosphate (p) should be fine, ive been useing schutlz bloom plus for years now, both indoors and out, and its never let me down, its npk ratio is 10-54-10
    Alot of people will suggest organic only, but thats pure bullshit also, nothing is better then the other, its all opionon, people claim chemical nutes make their bud taste not natural, etc... bullshit, learn how to use the ntues and itll be fine.

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