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Discussion in 'General' started by Unknown, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Alright, I really want to meet this chick ive been talking with over a web cam for a while, the only problems are:

    a) Shes around 900-1000 miles from my location
    b) Shes 18 and im 14, technically if i got with her it would be rape....

    Should i give it all for her? She's beautiful, and i think i may have found the one...Ive got enough money to get there, and a plan for explaining my absence.

    Anyone want to covince me or turn me away from the idea. Im clueless...
  2. She has sacrificed a lot just to be able to talk to me online so much, and she says she loves me.
  3. my advice would be to A-not mention that you're underaged on a forum that is strictly meant for people 18 or older..


    B-dont do it....atleast for now...wait until you can get your liscense for gods sake
  4. Yeah dude, I wouldn't do it. Wait until things are legal at least.

    It would be better if you could get her to come to you! Pay for it if you have to.
  5. DON'T GO, bad idea. This is definatly not a good plan. Let's go over it, Your 14 and want to spend an ass-load of money to fly 1,000 miles to meet an 18 year old girl who you've been talking with over a web cam for a while because your clueless, she's beautiful, you think she's the one,you've got an excuse, and you want her to rape you?

    HHmmm.... I stick with my answer, stay home Buy a shit load of bud and find a cute girl to smoke it with mmkay?
  6. I'd be anyones cute girl as long asthey kept smokin me out for free..::bats eyes::
  7. Yeah, he might even rape you too. Just think of all the money you'll save ;)
  8. ehhhhhhhhh
  9. Oh, my bad was it supposed to be a surprise?
  10. hopefully its not like a 40yr old dude with a mullet that looks like joe dirt..
  11. dont go.. seriously.. youre only 14
  12. lol, change of plans shes planning on getting Here...of course i didnt tell her my address and was a live show...i could hear her and see her face....its not a child molester...lmao. Even if it was, I am always prepaired i gotta nice 5" switchblade my dad gave me when i was 12.

  13. Yep, i just tried like a million times and i cant.

  14. Just because you saw her doesn't mean she's not a fucking psycho stalker
  15. yeah just because shes hot and everything doesn't mean she won't stab you first and take your bud.

    oh and whats wrong with mullets Bstick, they kick ass. I think everyone should have long hair, i hate short hair, its wrong, god wanted it to grow freely.
  16. No no no guys should have short hair. I like it to be really short so it feels good when I rub it.
  17. SWEET CHRIST!! 14 IS TOO YOUNG FOR ANY KIND OF SACRIFICE IN THE NAME OF "LOVE" or whatever the hell you think it might be...i was 300 PERCENT SURE, i was in love, gave the girl the fucking ring and EVERYTHING...parents knew and the whole bit...but..she fucking now i want to set her on fire..not really, but she was indeed a self centered inconsiderate manipulative advice, dont go, and if she does show up, above all have fun, dont love the chick too only 18 what do i know?
  18. But if you are going to get stabbed in the head by a crazy internet chick. Getting laid in some crazed sex romp is the way to go.
  19. listen to everyone here. the internet has good and bad aspects to it, and one major bad aspect to it is you REALLY don't know who's on the other end of the computer.

    an 18 year old girl wanting to fly 1000 miles to meet a 14 year old she met off the internet for love relations just sounds... odd to me. i would definitely be careful, and if you absolutely INSIST on meeting her, it should be a public place, and it wouldn't be a bad idea at all to bring a couple friends just in case.
  20. or an attack dog or somethin....
    but on the same note...that seems to be a trend nowadays, internet love...its becoming more and more real that even i realize i think.

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