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  1. hey guys i figured out that i should not use halogen lights and i cant just use a normal light bulb right? wut lights should i use...and can i get them anywhere else other then online? like at a hardware store or something... i dont want anything to be shipped to my house cuz then my parents would know. How much would i have to spend on a light? im not looking to sell any of the bud i get from harvest its all for personal use so i dont care much about if i get alot of bud or not.... im just a casual smoker and im sick of having to buy from different dealers who rip me off. I seen this one guys grow box and he has 2 energy saver lights( the ones that swirl) u can use those? i always thought a normal light wouldnt work
  2. Energy-saver lights are a good choice. They are called compact fluorescent lights, and plants grow well under them.
    The more light, the more growth. The more growth, the more buds. Use the highest wattage lights you can get--but always be aware:
    1. Lights generate heat, which can harm plants--you must move it away from the plants.
    2. Electricity can be dangerous, especially around water, and shock or fire can result.
    3. Marijuana plants smell, especially when flowering--but they do smell all the time.
  3. ya im probably not going to grow indoors cuz the smell..cant wait till i move out
  4. there are a few things that you have to take into consideration. 1) light spectrum, are u vegging or blooming? Vegging = preferable blue light spectrum - Halide lamp pref. Blooming = orange/red spectrum - HPS (High pressure sodium) pref. How viable an option these are for u, I dont know. They tend to be more expensive than what it sounds like you are looking for.
    2) Lumens - this is that candle light rating per square foot. eg)1 lumen can be thought of as the amount of light being thrown off by one candle in a square foot space. You want a high luemen rating eg) 30,000 lumens. And yes, with a little bit of research you will find a good, cheap light at a hardware/do it yourself store.
    3) heat - this probably will not be an issue with your setup seeing as how its a one light "show" just provide good venitation and airflow. Do not allow air to become stagnant. Kepp grow room temps around 75 with lights on, and below below 70 with lights off. This can induce certain strains to come through with their beloved colors which are elusive to say the least. eg) purple characteristics come out during last few weeks of blooming if temperature is below 70 at dark period - provided the strain allows for this
    Now you have gone on to say that you are probably going to grow outdoors anyway, making this useless to you
  5. im probably just not going to grow until i move out but its good to learn now... i dont wanna get busted by my parents
  6. Im pretty sur ethere is a rule that says you need to be 18 or older to post. Im not implying Id guess mike here is a litle.. young? parents.. 18 older with parents and such. Might be a goo didea to quit the green and get ahouse man :). Nah just kidding around. but seriously. PErsoanlly im playinning 1x450 HPS with a 250 MH for vegging.
  7. no im of age im 19 but ya i still live with my parents lol... something wrong with that?
    free food free laundry free house no bills lol its the life and this way i can spend my money wisely( on mj of course lol)
  8. So it sounds like a 250-400w flouro (or halide) would be a reasonable lighting solution to veg. 1-4 plants?
  9. Right attitude. If you're young and living off your parents, that's cool. Growing MJ in their house is not. Good deal Mike, showing some responsibility in the way you go about your irresponsibility! ; -)
  10. vegging using a 250w light (i assume you are refering to a HID lamp HIGH-INTENSITY-DISCHARGE) is more than enough for 1-4 plants. You could veg a lot more with that amount of power if you wanted. I honestly, for cost effectivness sake, would recommend against such a setup for so few plants. Unless you intend to put that ballast/bulb to more better use in the future. Obtain high-end equipment for you bloom stages, rather than vegging. You will save money, produce less heat, and probably get similair results utilizing a "MacGyver" rig for vegging ie) Home Depot BRO!
  11. Actually, a 250w MH would be just the right size for vegging 1-4 plants. That's the size light I have.

    Standard rules of thumb are 1 plant per sq foot and 50-70w of light per square foot, so 4 plants = 4 sq feet = 62.5w per sq ft for a 250w lamp. You could start up more than 1-4 seedlings but 4 would be about the limit for vegging them out nicely.

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