another light cycle ?

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  1. i have like 30 day old plants. i want to sex them to rid myself of the males. they are currently getting 24/0 on the light, my question is can i switch to 12/12 until they show their sex and then switch back to 24/0 and continue vegging? and if so approx ( i know there is no definate answer due to strain type and growing conditions,) how many days would it take for them to reveal themselves. appreciate the help
  2. can anybody out there help me?
  3. u can take a cutting (clone) from the plants, let them root, & put the clones under 12/12. when these show their sex, youll know the sex of the ones u took cuttings from. u can try 12/12 w/o letting the clones root but im not sure it will survive. & it can take 5days to 2wks to show sex. sativas take longer than indicas
  4. well that kinda helps...
  5. Don't trust me but I have heard of people on here putting there plants into 12/12 during the first month to determine sex then putting them back on 24/0. Find someone with more experience before doing it though.
  6. still trying to make sure it wont damage my plants
  7. search. I heard of it working, causing the plant to go back into its vegetative phase, although it seems like it wouldnt work, i know people have done it.

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