Another leave of my blue berry kush just died if even after tried balancing ph with reflushing//

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DeathHitz, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Another leave of my blue berry kush just became sick even after tried balancing PH what can i do? Tried reflushing again to test if it was overfert and balance ph.. but my baby keeps crying..

    Any tip ? thats my only babu!
    blue kush.jpg
  2. im growing outdoor at my balcony.. average temperature is 88 F or 31 C.. maybe its sun burnt?
  3. Not sun burnt. how often are you watering?
  4. That plant is so small stop messing with it so much...You said you just flushed it, don't water it for at least a week, come back before you water better pics of your whole plants.

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  5. LITFA.....leave it the fk alone
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  6. You've got that plant, or you started that plant off in way too large a container. It needs absolutely NOTHING other than water that is at the correct pH range for AWHILE. It needs no nutes until it has a chance to use up what came naturally in the soil, and with a little plant in a huge container, that can take a long time. Only water it when it dries out....again, with a little plant in a large pot of soil, this will take a long time, with correctly pH'd water. I would go ahead and repot it into some fresh soil first though since you've flushed the soil it's in and removed all the nutrition. They don't need a lot of help from you in the beginning if you give them the correct soil, light and water. YOU'RE killing the plant screwing around with it all the time.

    Get on the new grower threads on the forum and do some reading so you have some kind of an idea what you're SUPPOSED to be doing. You desperately need to learn the very basics of growing these things indoor in containers. Put as much work to learning how to do it as you did figuring out the setup you would grow with. One works hand in hand with the other. TWW
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  7. You're not killing the plant. It's fine. Just relax and let it grow.
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  8. thanks for all you kindness and help.. i water only once a day when the soil its not wet with a little water spray without making the soil become overwatery.
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    I just noticed by looking at the pics of my plant and it seems to start flowering already.. i cant really tell but im pretty sure its is.. so.. it mean flowering.jpg floweing 2.jpg flowering pot.jpg s.. really bad news for me ?
  10. Oh dear. Learn the basics of plant life as said above

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