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Another Impulse Buy...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. #1 Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Mar 30, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 30, 2012
    ...But very happy with it. Needed some Formula 420 so I went to my LHS. And decided I really wanted a Space Case.

    Have been on the fence for weeks about it, I already have a decent 4 piece grinder (medium size) and a large 2 piece grinder for bulk grinding (mids basically). But I want something that I won't have to worry quality of the metal (metal shavings), and turns easily.

    I actually cut my finger operating my grinder the other day, I was doing the hold the grinder upside down trick to get my stuff ground up very well, and I took off the bottom 2 pieces since I didn't wanna shake my kief around in the bottom chamber.

    Grinder got stuck on the sticky buds, and my right thumb (of all my fucking digits, I am a righty) slipped and sliced itself on the threading of the grinder. Had to put a couple butterfly bandaids on it to keep it from bleeding, sliced it pretty good.

    So, I bought the medium size 2 piece space case. $40, but my whole order came out to $50, and I ended up getting the grinder, a bottle of formula 420, a pack of super abrasive pipe cleaners, 3 small plastic jars that store 1-2g ground very nicely, a couple cheap lighters, and he even threw in a pack of Bee Line right before he bagged up my shit.

    As for the space case... It's everything I expected. Super smooth turning, incredibly sharp teeth, minimal effort for grinding. The magnets work perfectly on it. Comfortable to hold. Will last forever. Can't be mad about an impulse buy like that :p


  2. YES m8! fuckin space case for the winzz. i got 88mm large 1, grinds up like 10g's in 2 minutes
  3. Love my space case. Had it for at least 6 years. Magnet finally fell out recently. Probably time for a new
  4. [quote name='"walterbishop"']Love my space case. Had it for at least 6 years. Magnet finally fell out recently. Probably time for a new[/quote]

    The magnet fell out? And i am loving mine so far :)
  5. Honestly have no idea how I grinded weed in the past. I love this thing. Perfect size for me :)

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