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Discussion in 'General' started by azsfcsh, May 29, 2006.

  1. I used to never be mad at cops and all.. and when i saw all the other threads, i was always like.. hey they arn't all that bad.. But now, i'm gonna have to agree with everyone. Tonight after work, i smoked a bowl with a co-worker of mine, and then i decided to go over to my friends house to chill for a while. Then when i got there, one of my friends there was like hey, lets go smoke, so we went to the neighborhood park and smoked a bit. Everything was fine and all, and then lots of cars started driving by and stuff. So we just decided to go back to the house and all.. So we get back, and we notice that one of the neighbors is having a party and all, but we didnt want to go cause we knew the cops would be called soon. We all go back inside and like ten minutes later, the cops show up. We just stayed inside and watch them and stuff, and then like another 10 minutes after they show up and clear the place out, they move to our house.. Now we're not being loud at all, and we are just finishing up so house work for my friends mom, who was at the house at the time.. So like the cops start searching through all our cars and shit, and im like wtf... looking through the cars for no reason other than close to the party, yet didnt move when they got there and cleared the party already.. So like one of the cars was parked in front of a fire hydrant, and so it was ticketed.. and i guess my car was " 2 inches " from being to close to it... so i got lucky there and all, so i just moved it like 10 more feet away, so they wouldnt bother me about it again. Then like another car there had a kottonmouth kings sticker and a srh sticker on the car, so like they kept harrasing him and questioning him about weed and stuff.. After that and all, like anyone that was leaving from the driveways of our house and a few others, the people were searched and tested.. So like just a few minutes ago, we all just decided to mob out and each get in our cars and leave. I got out and i think everyone else did too, but like they questioned all of us like is we had been smoking weed and shit, which is bullshit that they do that cause like they had no right to.. Anyways, thats my rant.. i think i got all of it, if not, well idk...
  2. Unfortunatley this is your fault.

    Nobody there was aware of their rights when dealing with police officers. The cops there were just doing what they were trained to do to make it seem like you have to stand there and answer their questions and be harassed.

    Rule no. 1:

    Unless you are under arrest, you have no obligation to answer unreasonable questions, concede to a search or seizure, or to even stay where you are.

    simply say "Officer, I am under no obligation to answer these questions. Unless I am under arrest, I will be on my way"

    Do some research, you'd be surprised.
  3. Now if you attempt to just turn and walk away, they are obviously not going to allow that, so what the fuck do we do?

    Those bullet points on that NORML card all sound nice, but if put into practice it's basically telling the cop there is something to be found, and even though he may have no right to search or what not, doesn't mean he is going to stop until it's found. I just don't see a cop letting you walk away from a situation, I don't know if i'd have the guts to even attempt it. So what is your experience with actually putting this into practice?
  4. Yea, i was probably just a little freaked out at the time and all.. but now, im not at all worried about it, so like yea.. just another little thing that i rant about and all.

  5. Actually you'd be suprised at how cops piss their pants and start making stupid threats when you show that you know you're rights.
  6. did you guys hear about that Lester Sile guy? police basically kicked in his door without a warrant and pistol whipped the guy and shocked his testicles with a battery tryin to get him to sign a consent to search his property. pig was like "WERE GONNA TAKE AWAY YOUR KID IF YOU DONT SIGN IT." cops man, i dont trust em. makes me sick to my stomach when i think of a time in social studies class when i was in like 5th grade and was defending the cops that shot amadu dialo (sp) . now as i get older, i'm seeing cops/soldiers/prison guards sexually assaulting women, beating people with clubs, harrassing people, sodomizing people, stealing money, and basically doing whatever the fuck they want and getting off easy. disgusting

    i get all my work done, sit down and smoke a J, listen to some music, and go to bed. ohhh man, thats so fucking bad. we need to throw this guy in jail cause he's draining society. oh, this guys got a few kilograms of weed in singapore? we need to execute him. people dont smoke weed and beat their kids for no reason.. cant say the same for alcohol. so what if i want to have a moderate dose of hallucinogenic mushrooms and just walk around and chill for a few hours. i still get my shit done. i work just like everybody else. i hold doors for old people. what the FUCK do they want from me
  7. Yea someone else posted a thread about that somewhere

  8. Yeah man,

    Cops will get in alot of shit if they violate your rights.

    I've practiced this before, it works. Tell them you know your rights and that you are not obligated to do anything.

    They're not able to arrest you if you don't give them a reason. And they can't search you or force you to do anything unless you're under arrest.

    Civil rights rock, huh?

    Of course there is always the off-chance of getting a crooked cop that will swear you consented to a search prior to arreat, in which he found illegal narcotics.

  9. Yeah thats the hard part, thats when you need to rely on a good lawyer, and a lack of evidence on their side.

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