ANOTHER "i almost got caught" thread.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by snooze, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. A squad car was sitting at the entrance door to a gas station. I went in to buy shells and a monster energy drink. I walk outside past the 5-0. Not a second later do I hear the car start up. I'm thinkin' to myself "Gee, I wonder where he's going." Sho 'nuff I was followed......just for a pack of swisher sweets.

    I made sure I came to a complete stop and looked both ways WITH my turn signal on. <---This is very important when driving with pigs on your tail. Don't ever let them get a chance to pull you over for something stupid aka no turn signal.

    We were both turning left at an intersection. The light just turned red but I was already out in the middle of the intersection so I turned. That's what I thought he was gonna nail me for. Apparently not....

    Next time I'm pocketing anything I purchase from a gas station before exiting the door.

    I forgot to mention my car still stunk from last night, and later when I returned home I found a roach in my middle console :eek:.

    //end rant
  2. being caught in the intersection happens. only one car should be waiting in the middle to turn, so if you got caught he shouldnt have followed unless he had a reason.

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