Another HitmanB new slide post.

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  1. :D

    I got this guy on the 29th as a birthday present to myself. It's another Terry King slide from Fat Pinky Glass in Madison, WI. He does some awesome fucking work in that little shop. I love my monster like slides. Here are a couple shots and a milk vid. Enjoy!

    And the lighter is just showing some love for my LHS. :hello:

  2. thats a sick slide bro +rep:smoke:
  3. That shit's sweet!!! But dude... why waste money on it? If i were you, I'd buy a nice ass spoon! :)
  4. ^ to each there own. I love it the eye looks badass.

  5. Because I like new bowls better than a piece I would rarely use. I have about 8 different pipes, but I rarely smoke out of my spoons anymore.

    My bong is awesome. That's why I buy cool shit for it. =]
  6. Yep. I have 1 spoon, 6 slides. And all those slides get a lot more usage. My friend is actually borrowing my spoon right now, and I don't really miss it. BONGS ALL DAY.
  7. That's fucking sick dude. One of the coolest bowls I've seen. Props to your lhs.

    I'd rep you but I gotta spread it first.

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