Another, 'help me buy a car' thread :)

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  1. Hey GC,

    So I'm currently living at rez for university but in the summer I will be looking in to buying a car for my 30 minute commute everyday next year (60 minutes hwy driving round trip).

    I don't want to spend more than around $5000 and would be looking for a car that is:

    -reliable (duh)
    -good on gas
    -NOT a civic, because insurance for a honda civic for a 19yo male is ridiculous
    -manual preferably
    -probably at least an '01

    I have a few thoughts and I'd like you guys to tell me if they're good ones.
    I've been looking at the Hyundai Elantra GT hatchback 'cause it looks pretty rad and are generally really cheap. Toyota Corolla because of the mileage. Any problems with these cars? Things to avoid?

    Thanks GC!
  2. Nothing? I know GC has opinions on cars...
  3. Insurance won't go down till you are 25 anyways, also check other threads for ideas.
  4. VW Jetta. No matter what year, it'll get good gas mileage, and it'll last you a while.
    Their standard transmissions are excellent too.

    Get a TDI if you can. Yes, it's a diesel, you'll be paying more for fuel, but mileage:fuel ratio will make up for it.

    EDIT: Also, ALL diesel motors (not just applying to vw) will outlast a gas motor by leaps and bounds.
  5. my dad had either a 2000 or 2001 dodge neon. he never had any problems with it until i totaled it. he had that thing for seven years and ran like a beast the whole time. it was good on gas AND it was an automatic. the manual ones give fantastic gas mileage. the trunk space for such a little car was big as well. very nice and comfortable ride.

    the only thing i didn't like was his didn't have power locks or windows.
  6. that's interesting, because i was paying $60/month for insurance on a honda civic @ 18, and when i bought my first bmw @ 19 it dropped to $54/month, and with my second bmw (20 years of age now) it's $50 and some change per month.
  7. Thanks for the tip about diesel engines, never knew that!

    Was this decades ago? The rents are paying 99$ a month for me as an OCCASIONAL driver... It's going to be around $4000 a year for most cars. Also, how old were the cars 'cause that comes in to play.
  8. Well my brain is full of fuck then, but I know other people who for their insurance didn't start going down till they were almost 25ish
  9. no, this has been happening since '08, but i also have "history" with my insurance agency because my parents' made me get my own insurance policy as soon as i got my permit, so that could be a factor.

    the civic was a '92 cx, the first bmw was an '86 325e and the second bmw is a '90 325i.

    but OP, if you want something reliable, cheap and nearly maintenance free, buy a honda. i know this one girl who drove her civic YEARS without changing the oil. the only other time i've heard of a similar situation was with my friend's ex's toyota, which only lasted ~6 months without an oil change.
  10. honestly a prelude wouldnt be a bad option, fun, zippy, good mileage...manual

    and its reliable...

    or you could be cool, blow ur money on an E36 M3..and have all ur money go to it to maintain it (ask me how I know:()
  11. if you ever wanna sell it, send me a PM ;)

    it'll go to a good home, i promise.
  12. sorry, <3 my M3/4 replacing Rtabs and other goodies this weekend lol x.x

  13. They seem to be reliable cars just by looking at the prices. Cheapest I saw on autotrader was 5900$ for 200k, 2000 year model!

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