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Another hair test opinion thread

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Crulpeak, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Hi guys, been lurking here for awhile, decided to post up finally. I've been smoking for almost a year now, and have taken breaks to pass several piss tests, no biggie. But now it's the real deal and I wanted some opinions. For background, I'm 6'1" and about 240lbs.
    Since I knew that intern season was coming up, I stopped my daily toking back in either early november or late october, at a height of almost 1/8th a week, although i did share a fair amount. Then over xmas break I toked twice with some old buddies. That's it, other than that I've been totally dry. I also sgtarted taking Biotin twice daily pretty much since i stopped, and keep my hair under 1.5".
    So, I got a call from a HUGE internship opportunity today, and they token me they;d be doing a HFT sometime in april. I'll continue to stay clean and take the biotin, and I just wondering if anyone had any guesses as to my potential results?
    I think it'll be okay, I just wanted some outside opinions.

  2. SHAVE! shave your head bald ;D
  3. That's not gonna work, I'd be one ugly-ass bald dude, and would have no explanation for it lol. I was gonna cut my hair to an inch in feb and again a few days before the test, which should work
  4. Honestly there's no way to get around a hair test.My advice would be to just stay clean. Hair tests are usually done to check for use way back. Many government jobs do them to see if you have done any drugs before to see if you have used. As opposed to a regular urine, oral etc. test that can only detect most recent use.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. yeah, I'm not looking to get around it, just wanted opinions on if I'll have been clean long enough. As of last week I changed my vitamin routine to 5000mcg Biotin, 1100mg B100 Complex, 8000IU Vitamin A, 1000mg Vitamin C and 400IU Vitamin E.
    My hair naturally grows faster than avg, so adding the vitamins and delaying the test until the first or second week of May should be enough to cut off the evidence of Dec's indulgence and still have enough head hair for the test.
    Again, just wanted some outside input on whether my logic seems sound
  6. PASSED!!!!
    I am so grateful to have stumbled over this site... I though I would share my story in hopes that It helps some of my stoner friends land their dream job too!!
    So I have very long hair and I thought this was going to be a deal breaker for me. My hair is thin straight and light brown, some highlights it grows pretty fast. One of my close friends used the other method (Mojito or something) and failed miserably. This was a close friend so our smoking habits  are similar. HEAVY! Im talking wake n Bake till bed time, everyday. I knew from the beginning that I was not going to be using this method so I started asking around and researching. A lot of my friends passed using a Hair dresser. Hair dressers lingo for this service is called a "hair detox"... It was costly ($200 + I tipped $40) but well worth it because I start my new job on Monday... I was clean for only 9 days prior to my test and did nothing to prep my hair except going to this hair dresser.
    All she did was bleach my roots (About 3-4 inches from the scalp up. We did not bleach the whole length of my hair) using a 40 Vol. developer. We only bleached once but left in on awhile and also placed me under a heat lamp while the bleach was on, (the heat helps open up the hair shaft) then washed with a clarifying shampoo (I think it might be a head shop shampoo but Im not sure) then re-dyed my hair back to its original color. Washed out the hair color with clarifying shampoo again... I left the salon with wet hair and went straight  to take my hair test ( Tested at Psychemedics) The whole "Hair Detox" took about 2 1/2 hours. 
    ... 2 long weeks later HR finally called and said my drug and background was clear and offered my my position... I hope this helps someone. I dont think you have to completely ruin your hair to get the job done. My hair feels fine. If you have the means I say leave it to the professionals.  
  7. Congrats on passing! I took the hair test on the 17th.. They supposedly got the sample that Thursday at the lab.. It's been 7 business days Monday making it the 8th.. And I haven't heard. Is this normal? I've called the corporate office of the potential employer and they said everything is pending still.... I'm freaking out!!!

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