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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by jay t bell, May 15, 2004.

  1. HI

    this is the start of another grow journal......hallo to all.....

    this is my second atempt at an inside grow my 1st wasnt GOOD but i learnt heaps,got some bud and got some seeds only a few are in this grow...

    im using bag seeds as ive got heaps(i always keep seeds i find)and i dont want to waste $$$ untill i know what im doing..

    right i live in a rental ive got it for a few years and the only place to grow realy is the loft and its not a bad place ive got elec and a bit of space.i did a bit of diy on the power but its safe,made basicly a tent out of plastic and put some heating in whitch is also the works like this sucks aire from living room(where we spend alot of time talking &breathing)which has main heating suply a log burner...

    intake fan centrifugal flow 150mmdiam 80w 600m3/hr
    1 desk top fan
    1 floor standing fan (if needed)
    400w hps
    i grow bulb agro philps
  2. HI

    ive got about 40 seedlings on the go.why so many well after arseface,his mate and dread i think its not a bad idea.also having a mixed bag theres a good chance of sativas in there.
  3. lol yep stoned

    heres the pics

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  4. the rest

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  5. just waiting for that plant to finish what ever its doing to go to the grow bulb and 16/8...

    these are around 9 days old...i read somewhere that if you give your seedlings 12 hrs light theres more chance of females??ill try anything......

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  6. what the tent looks like from the outside no flash..

    the seeds where germinated in a sealable container with damp kitchen towel in a warm dark place once opened or tail apeard i planted in potting mix.i found seeds can open in 16hrs to 3 or 4 days.this potting mix has got nutes i didnt now that at the time i bought it.but its working at the mo.seems to be unpopular at this day an age to buy potting nix without nutes added.

    oh and the tent

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  7. sorry thats with flash..............DOH.........

    and ill try again no flash............

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  8. peace grodaka.

    i have nothing against sativa shes a good smoke alright just the right time the right place.... loooking for indicas..
  9. i had 1 sativa on my last grow,it seems a different approach is needed for them.....i think the sativas are better in the 9 month out side grow not the 3 month inside grow.....hey i could be wrong ...........
  10. its all a learning curb, i have faith you will do 3x as good this round as you did the first. 40 seedlings is a lot. you will be weeding them out right? im assuming youve got your compost pile together?

    are you running everything 12/12 now? all this will do is force them to show sex early. then you may have to go back into veg so they can mature. may take longer going that route. you may want to go with the regular 18/6. you can pull cuttings as the plants grow, put those clones in 12/12 as they root, by the time they do, you should know whats what.
  11. HI

    Mr A as were nearly into winter the only problem with heat is going to be lack of so far its ok.this morning it was -3c at 5 in the morning grow tent was 12c,midday 7c outside grow tent was 22c fingers crossed.

    im thinking about a 600 hps to go with the 400......i posted a q on lights in the begginers forum just for links on lights in the us and uk and shorty told me something intresting about 6oo hps basically there the best buy so i asked the guy at the hydro shop and he confirmed whet shorty seid.2 600hps uses less elec than 1k plus has more lumes....

    dread just waiting on that kelp to arrive to do the big mix up..

    i only intend to take around 12 plants all the way so yeh the week and males will be weede out..

    i read somewhere that seedlings that are put under 12/12 lighting for a short time have more chance of being taking a chance that the seedlings thinks its spring and dont sex them selves...wont be long now till i go to the grow bulb and change lighting schedule.
  12. good luck... that's a shitload of plants.. lol.... hope they're all female... keep us posted
  13. HI

    i hope there not or ill be buying more than 1

    im misting more than tap water comes out of our own boar(think thats how you spell it)so its like having spring water on tap.its ph is 7 so its all good with the water..

    as soon as that plant is out the way ill rase humidity i live in a place well known for its dryness.

    laters jay
  14. HI

    my 400 was 200$nz the 600 is 275$nz and a 1k is 615$nz but on insidesun the 600 was 220$us and the 1k was200$us.

    im a bit worried the other light might get the tent a bit to warm though????

    its 2 pm suns out now was a bit fogy this morning(sun has alot to do with the tents temp tin roof you see)12c out side 25c in the tent.

    sorry forgot my manners thanks MR A and dread for your nice words i hope this grow is better than the last....

  15. HIGH All, looks like your going to have fun jay t bell...the 12/12 is determining the sex of the seeders...more females..I don't imo think like NaughtyDread said takes to long. Then we have to think about what arseface said about stress...would doing this 12/12 so early bring stress to the seeder...I don't think in the long run it's worth it.
  16. HI youv been growing so long old only a few years behind you)ill put those babys on to 18 6 right away then.......cheers for popping in unoit......

    laters jay
  17. hey J, i meant to ask, how long are you vegn for? with 40 going, at 6 weeks, some of them may show preflowers. my current grow, one of them showed preflowers at 6 weeks, i hadnt even gone to 12/12 yet. whats your veg time this go around? you may further save yourself some time. i think if the plant is healthy and happy, it will show before even having to go 12/12. but it may jus all be strain dependent.
  18. Hi dread....

    the first grow i only vegd for 4 weeks apart from mistakes i made i think they where small so this time a was thinking longer maybe 5 weeks starting this that would be around the 6 week mark but ill wait to see how big they get.

    i think its the strain youv got as to why you got pre flowers befor you went to flower cycle maybe shes a rely of lowrider.....i could be wrong.....nice for you though ...get some seeds at some stage mate remember you might lose your mother for some reason and it looks like you like that strain..

    i got uniots mail at 5 this morning and changed light bulb and timer by 10 when 2 people tell me the samething there the ones that are normaly right...and i realy dont want to stress my little ones..

    boy those bulbs get HOT..i put the box that it came in round it to take it out and the box started smouldering...

  19. HIGH All, NaughtyDread soooo right....we have a strain we've been growing for years...clones of clones etc...and they are 4 wks on 18/6 since being transplanted to Bubble Bucket's and some are showing preflowers.

    To me it's their way of saying it's time.
  20. ohh maaaan i sooo want the same strain as you unoit......

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