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Another Fun Filled Adventure...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NuBBiN, Jul 20, 2002.

  1. HA!...namron..tonight I was driving around downtown stoned off my ass and slurping away at my delicious "Wendy's" Frosty...and along the left side of my mini van(yes I have a minivan..SO FUCK YOU ALL!) came two punk ass guys in a yellow mustang....they were obviousely very proud of their banana mobile because they had dressed up in their nicest preppy sweaters and had slicked back their hair......Naturally being the curtious person I am...I rolled down the window of my minivan(YES..ONCE AGAIN I WILL ANOUNCE I HAVE A MINIVAN..STOP MAKING IT WORSE THAN IT IS!) and hollered at them "Hey...HEY!....ASSHOLES!...WHY THE FUCK DID YOU PICK THAT BANANA COLOR FOR YOUR CAR???WHY NOT RED OR SOMETHING??YOU FUCKING IDIOTS RUINED A PERFECTLY GOOD CAR!"....

    For some reason, they took that as an insult and began yelling things back at me...but I seemed to have accidentally rolled my window back up on them....making them even more angry... the next red light they revved their engine and wanted to race....knowing fully that I could waste them in my van(YES A VAN!..GET OVER IT!) I decided I'd spare them and spend some more time fucking with them...the light turned green, they sped off...then slowed down realising I wasn't playing along with their shithead games.... the next light, I rolled my window down again...before I could say a word the driver leaned over and yelled "Hey, make sure you have your moms minivan home by eleven bitch!".....then..being the extra nice guy I am I replied "Hey be sure to use ample amounts of lubrication when you bend over for your friend later tonight!" then added a nice wave and a smile and drove on as the light turned green.....well appearently that last comment of mine hit a touchy subject..because BOY were they angry....they bagan spurting insults at me to the point that I'd had enough of their potty mouths...I rolled the window all the way down..and sacraficed my frosty by trhowing it at them....BOY DO I HAVE GOOD AIM! their banana mobile is a banana split...with extra chocolate....I sped off..they followed me...I got bored after a while and decided to lose them...I was succesful...

    ...and now somewhere out there tonight..there are two homosexual boys in ugly pink golf sweaters driving an ugly yellow mustang with chocolate sprayed all over the windshield, and right side...and I cant say for a fact, but Im pretty sure some of my love spew got through their window and on them...... this mean?.....because I thought it was funny..but now as my high is wearing off and I read what I posted..I was the one who instigated the fight...

    but then again...

    maybe it was THEIR negative karma that drove me to doing so in the first place....

    Yes..I think I like the latter excuse makes me come ut looking ritious...yes...this was the reason why I HAD to inform them of their major error in choosing a terribly stupid color for a perfectly nice vehicle....

  2. first and foremost let me say, i am so fucking cracking up over the fact that you even knew i was still up and directed that whole story in my general direction...reason number one for me laughing

    second and closely following i would like to input, i am laughing my ass off at your constant self badgering of the minivan...well..cuz its funny..(you got a bed in the back and a smoke machine and junk..cuz i got a smoke machine)...reason number two for me laughing

    third and not last im high..reason number three for me laughing

    fourth...they deserved it all:D

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA TRULY GREAAT STORY NUBS, I LOVED IT ALL....except for the fin part, im going to burn you alive for that cuz my psychotic bia ex used to draw the adorable yet stupidly hilariously funny cartooons and end them with "fin" therefore you are being lit ablaze in the far distance.....HAHAHA...good just sad that you did savor every bit of the great frozen dairy product...those are good for the stoneage
  3. sadly i forgot to mention the lube...haha..short term memory..imagine that......umm...astroglide or ky?
  4. hahahahahahaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

    i now have ALOT of respect for you nubbin, dont know if i would of had the balls for that...but hell, love the story
  5. my cousin just called me and said some freaky bastard threw shit all over him and his buddy in their new car!!!..and the creepy lookin bastard was drivin a mini van!!...HAHA..yes, i know, would have been funnier had i made it the first post, but i am high and laughing, so i do not care:D
  6. lol...I just reread what I posted now that im sobered up..and its kind of a chuckler aint it?.....they deserved it too....they forced me to do it...if only they had picked red..but NO! they had to be dip shits and pick the ugliest color for a car out there (besides baby shit green)...

    yeah for some reason I always find it very entertaining to justd rive around and yella t get to know alot of strangers really fast...and most of them like to respond with hand gestures....

    My favorite thing to do is find a couple punk ass "skater dudes" around their prepubescent teen years and yell something at them as I drive by...knowing how dorks like them react to stuff like that they always fall into my trap by either flipping me the bird, or yelling something "nice" back at me......but instead of driving off, allowing them to keep their gangsta dignity infront of their friends.... right after they yell or gesture to me I SLAM on the brakes (yes..of my minivan) and pull a U turn like its nobodys business......BOY do those kids change their gangsta bad ass attitudes fast when you do stuff like that!.....most of the time their eyes get really big once they realise they might very easily be recieving an ass beating from some stranger in a minivan in a couple seconds..then they ususally run like hell into bushes or off the that kinda stuff cracks me up....its waaay better than watching tv because its so interacive.
  7. lol
    around here theres a thing called the young church...... or as me and my friends put it, "the cult" the cult is responsible for all the psycho-religious kids in my town and the cult leaders make sure to tell the members that pot is devil-weed and its a sin to touch the stuff. well you can usually spot a member or leader easily.... maybe its the fruity ass YL shirts.... but damn those people are great to fuck with!! once my friend pulled up to a group of these kids and with a joint in his mouth he says "I AM SATAN" in a wierdass evil voice, they say REPENT!! (not really) and they get the finger, or sometimes even a roach flyin at em..... i love christians
  8. and yes im stoned
  9. HA!...the cult..i know what you mean....freedom of religion is a beautiful thing...but those youth groups like "young life" are flat out cults and should be banned...they take young children with impressionable minds and brain wash them with bribes, and/or flat out scare them into believing...I dont think someone should be subjected to religion until they are an official adult (18, somewhere around there) so that they can make their own decisions in life instead of just vomitting up stupid rehearsed beliefs that they were brain washed into believing....thats just MO atleast.....

    People these days seem to think its wrong if you arent a part of a mainstream organised religion...but just because I dont go to church every sunday doesnt mean im not religious...I just have found my own way of believing and learning and its 100% my beliefs..not bullshit that was programmed into my head as a child..
  10. NuBBiN that was some funny shit you did. I love fucking with people but i'm a small dude and need to stop or i'm going to get my ass kicked. I'm starting to get more body piercings and i don't need them getting ripped out. I just need to start working out, but i smoke to much and then sleep all day.
  11. That's crazy, NuBB!!!!

    But funny as shit! I was sitting here reading it and laughing and clapping for you like the high-ass freak I am.

    So, what color is your MINI-VAN? Or did you say???

  12. HURCULES! HURCULES!...oh you make me so proud baby

    its a white Kia Sedona...its actually pretty fuckin cool..I have a toyota tacoma also, but the van is really nice for those times when Im too lazy to drive my stick shift truck. Nothing like going 70 down the freeway, with cruise control on and zoning out to the music.....
  13. lol. i hate new mustangs... and usually the people driving them. they think their car is all great, but put it against a real muscle car and it'd get blown away. lol... great stuff.
  14. i have an idea for any (similar) future encounters you may have. carry around a couple (larger) printouts of your avatar, fold 'em up, and throw THOSE through the dude's window. lol... it'll probably scare 'em more than a frosty. :)
  15. or better yet, blow up your av, put it on those big floppy magnets you can mount on vehicles for advertisement or whatever, so on both sides theres this creepy ass ICE CREAM MAN staring people down beside you..:D
  16. lol. i was thinking of saying "or ya could just paint him on the side of the minivan" but decided not too... mainly because i didn't want to give him an idea that would frighten (or traumatize) children :)
  17. You know what else Ive done with friends?.....We go around to all the spots where theres ALWAYS stoners making trouble....and I have a cd that I made with a police siren on it...(sounds FUCKING real)....I drive up slowly...turn off my lights etc. and wait 15 minutes....then with volume full blast and my windows down I blare the sirens....Along with the sirens its good to have one of those star gazing spot lights and just swing the light wildly around so it looks like the cops flood light..... I never knew that I could clear out a smoke spot that fast...and I wouldn't be surprised if people ditched ther pieces/bud everytime I do that too...HEY! thats a good idea! gonna start profiting off my little scam!...clear the place out..then scrounge the fields for the ditched goods!....
  18. its funny, and great, until someone does it to not a serioius know this hank....but...dont joke about the popo...thats just not funny
  19. oh believe me normsy baby....when you see the looks on peoples faces when they hear sirens..its hilarious....besides, its good to be keeping these kids on their toes
  20. so its kinda like an essential "popo drill" for the stoners...niiice....i have two roaches, tomorrow is sunday, the bank is closed...i need weed, have no money..fuck...

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