Another friendlt reminder.

Discussion in 'General' started by Bud Head, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. posting links to your sites or others like this site is against SJ rules. You must get permission from him to do so.

    You can PM Sj or e-mail at grasscity support.

    Thank you!
  2. Competiters sites or your own web site.

    If SJ sells it here don't post another site with the same stuff with out SJ's consent.

    If you have a site. Don't advertise it with out SJ's consent.
  3. No problem!
  4. are the links in my profile a problem? the grow guide site is mine (the guide itself was given to me by sid)... but i just made it so sid wouldn't have to send out the grow guide to all the blades, instead they could just visit the site for the info.

    edit: lol... i meant signature area... but it seems you got what i was saying.

    the one thing i don't like about smoking only every now and then, my brain doesn't work well for a couple days after getting all smoked up ;) LOL
  5. For now the grow guid is great. We do not have a grow guide on the site.

    Most of what we dont want is......

    Links to other websites that sell what SJ sells..NONE

    No links to personal websites.NONE

    No links to other websites for advertising purposes..NONE

    No advertising on this site at all. NONE

    Unless you have SJ's permission.....
  6. that's cool. if SJ get's a grow guide lemme know and i'll change the addy for the link :)
  7. There has been talk of a grow FAQ. This will also help.
  8. oh my... it'll be like combining overgrow's FAQ and the city's forums... nirvana will be reached, lol. that would be awesome though. hope to see the idea come to completion :)
  9. All the mods told SJ it was a great Idea!

    We'll wait and see!
  10. GREAT IDEA!!

    youve got my permission to do it.

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