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Discussion in 'General' started by smooth08, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. i guess some of you remmeber my friend jordan died a few weeks ago, well a week after that one of my other friends got shot down in new mexico over some stupid arguement and he just died in the hospital on sunday night. i dont know what this fucking world comes to when a good kid can be killed over a fucking video game. they said a few kids were at my friend andys house and the other kids were making fun of another one, then the kid left and andy left to go follow him outside to apoligize and the kid shot him in the face with a rifle .22

    i hope this mother fucker gets the death penalty
  2. Wow they have anger managent issues:eek:.
  3. the guy was one of the nicest kids, all he wanted to do was apologize to this kid because his friends were making fun of him and hes the one who gets killed. its not fair at all.
  4. weird, suprised a .22 could actuall kill someone.
  5. Sorry to hear about your loss man, the world is a fucked up place sometimes -- hopefully he passed on to something better though.


    My next blunt is for ya boy

  6. thanks guys, and ya when you get shot from 2 feet away in the mouth it will do some damage
  7. I actually just had a friend die not too long ago also, maybe a week ago. He was jumping off a 45 foot platform into a water hole. It's a place called white rock, they have different sized jumps and a rope swing and shit like that. But anyway he jumped off the platform and was trying a triple ganor. He landed on his head and knocked him out and he drowned. Very sad, one of my really good friends and he was always nice to everyone he met.

    RIP Nick Fangman.

  8. that sucks man, ill keep your dude in my prayers as well
  9. did he get arrested?
  10. I feel ya bro. I've had 2 friends die in a crazy car accident, in the seats right behind me. Had one beg me not to let him die, he bled to death.

    At a deal gone bad in Newark, I was shot 3 times, and watched my boy take the 4th bullet, saving my life and giving his.

    But I'm not here to brag or gloat about my life and " Oh I've had a tougher life than you" bullshit. I understand What you went through, and it's a horrible feeling.

    Having nightmares every night, waking up and wondering why you deserve to be here and they didn't.

    It's a horrible thing to deal with. I went through 3 years of therapy between getting shot and the car accident, Doctors tried to give me various sleep aids...

    It's like no one understands you. They just see a problem and try to fix it. Not too many people know the feelings we have after witnessing something like we did.

    Hope this helps. I would suggest closure as quickly as possible. I still don't have the closure I need, and it affects me everyday.
  11. RIP # 33, Rip Bessy and Carter
  12. It will if you shoot em in the face. I got a little hole in my right thigh from a .22 pistol. Anywhere but the face and youll probably walk away from it.
  13. A kid from my school just got shot too. Its awful. Kid didn't even do anything and someone just shoots him to death.

  14. Im sorry for your losses smooth, I cant say that I know waht it fels like,but hoopefully he has gone to a better place, and you know he is no longer suffering.


    and the rest of you im srry too, I wish the world wasnt such a bad place sometimes, but hopefully we are the ones who can make it a little bit better.
  15. "The hardest heart and the grossest ignorance must disappear before the rising sun of suffering without anger and without malice."

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