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Discussion in 'General' started by Buddha_Man, May 7, 2011.

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    Another friday of doing nothing.I have no bud. Its nice out but I have nothing to do. No one to talk to besides you blades. I love my life but, damn its boring. I hope a good woman walks into my life soon. I kinda miss having a girl but i cant change the past. Blah Blah so what r yous guys up to?

    I want to go to the bar and maybe meet some people, but im nervous about going alone and looking like a dumbass by myself. You guys think I should go?
  2. Not shit... I'm sick of living over half of my life inside pissing my life away when I could be out doing things I actually like. Too bad I can't afford what I want with $8 an hour
  3. Yea being broke sucks. Which is why i need a woman who doesnt care about money. Which is pretty rare these days..
  4. Ya man you really should do it! No risk no reward...I used to super nervous about talking to people, but in the right setting: anyone and everyone is open to conversation. I'm with a wonderful girl right now (marriage material) not by rushing into it (not trying to lecture or anything) but I'm sure you'll find her. GL bro and get your party on...

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