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Another freestyle for you blades at GC, tell me what you think.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xJord4n, Nov 27, 2011.

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  1. Here's my freestyle to you...

    Yo,Yo,check it....
    Jordan you're a herb and that ain't no lie
    thats why i made you take a knee and busted in yo eye
    You claim to smoke that top shelf nugs
    the only you thing you doing is askin other blades for hugs
    You ain't nothing but a loser and a whack
    Check another fucking site because this one ain't for crack...
  2. #3 burtontoker, Nov 27, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 27, 2011
    yo yo homie that beat was sick
    sick like ur mom
    livin on the streets
    livin off of dicks

    shes so dirty
    just like trash
    bums around town
    just to make some cash

    but what do ya expect
    from a crackhead bitch
    who only lives
    to suck some dicks

    yooooo boyy u just got beat in a rap battle
  3. Didnt I -rep you before for posting in the wrong section?
  4. haha i thought mine was better than his...i thought he was soulja boy?
  5. yo yo boy that shit was wack
    so bad i might have a heart attack
    you think ur sick
    bitch u aint shit

    im a real thug
    livin on the streets
    makin these beats that get me green
    i might be white, but i can rap
    rap so good, youll turn black

    im black like yo daddy
    who left your mom
    left her in the trash
    right where you belong

  6. Half the words are taken from the original song lmao and you copied his flow.

  7. Just cause he's a shitty white guy trying to rap, doesn't mean the stereotype is true. Some white guys can rap
  8. ur right, i know cause i am white and rap better than the OP

  9. What words did I even take from him? And Drake stole Big Sean's flow so it's not like it's illegal or anything?
  10. Big sean is terrible.
    I DO IT.
  11. at :15 i had to X out.

  12. But he's not terrible...?
  13. You say stealing flow isn't illegal
    but i robbed your moms pussy w.o breaking seal
    Your rapping game is stupid and dumb
    its obvious to me whats up you ass ain't just a thumb
    You claim that you can rap but i didn't see shit
    opps i spilled my bong water on your sisters clit
    Don't hate on us cause we're white and we rap
    because comparing us to you thats simply crap
    So i whack out my icepick and stick it to your dome
    get the fuck out of grasscity and just go home.
  14. Not only this, but that fucking sucked.

    Not sure how i feel about these two posts by the same guy...

  15. But he is.
  16. He's better than the OP. i believe that.
  17. No. It's pretty funny, all this shit talking but none of you can rap. :p
  18. yo u wanna go for round 3 homie?

    im in a rap battle mood
    like im feenin for some crack
    oh wait, thats ur mom
    who lives in the trash

    she gets up at the wake of dawn
    cant remember where she left her thong
    wait, whats that?
    its down at the bottom of the trash

    then she goes down the street
    to look for some guys to meet
    who want her to suck their meat
    she agrees, and gets on her knees

    she sucks those dicks
    just cause shes a feen
    now shes got aids
    but thats okay

    u just got beat son.
  19. And i REALLY dont know how i feel about this, if the raps you wrote are you being serious.... im sorry.
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