Another Flippin T-Break

Discussion in 'General' started by Rocket1967, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. I think imma have to take a week off a month cause my tolerance is way too high. How long do you break for to get the best results.

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  2. If you only smokes one session per day, and don't increase the amount, then you will never need a tolerance break. I do realize that this isn't an option for medical users. As far as break length, one month should get you close to baseline, but even a couple of days break will be an improvement. Taking a week off can be amazing, but depends on the individual.
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  3. I take two week breaks, but not each month, like every four months.
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  4. Never done that before hope to never have too either.
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  5. It depends somewhat on the quality of high expected and how long one prefers to remain at a near peak level after consuming. For most daily users on this board, just a one day t-break after a limited smoking session the previous day is apparently enough to keep them smiling.

    However this person decades ago found that level of day to day high to be relatively mediocre. Unlike most, I am very active and on my feet after smoking. After a good multi day tolerance break, if I smoke say a gram of high THC cannabis, it doesn't matter how much or how high of THC I later smoke or vape that day, it is impossible to come anywhere close to the wonderful fresh clean high I had when I began smoking earlier that day. And won't be able to reach that quality of high again until enduring another few days of a t-break. Simply no way for me to cheat it.

    Most of my working career only smoked during weekends and on many weekends did not smoke at all if I had other life activities to deal with. In this now legal cannabis era as a retired senior, I can smoke as much as I want whenever as everyday I wake up its Saturday. Thus my t-break cycles are shorter probably averaging 4 days over the last year. I'll smoke single sessions for a day or three and then go on 3 to 5 day t-breaks. Each day I smoke after the initial t-break ending day, the high is lower and does not last as long at a high level. Just continuing to smoke or vape beyond the 3 hour point is only likely to cause a high with increasing drowsiness.
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