Another first time story. (long but readable)

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    I wouldn't have made a new thread, but i figured since i put the time into it i might as well.

    My first time was the summer before 9th grade, and at a 4th of july party with a bunch of cousins from all over new england and one from california. (Also, the only other boy cousin there, and only about 6 months younger than me.) We have the typical boringish family fun filled party that ends at like 4 in the afternoon.

    The real fun begins at 9. We start a fire in a pit with benches around it up on a hill behind their house. This is when the oldest cousin and her boyfriend start drinking.

    (Fast forward about 4 hours.)

    We're in the deck/pool area (where the keg is) and the californian and I are helping the elder cousin and her boyfriend fill water bottles with beer for later. They are pretty trashed at this point, and this is pretty raw/graphic exposure to alcohol for us. We glance at each other when they start to talk to us about their love of alcohol. There are 4 cousins other than us (the californian and me) and the two wasted. They are the only ones that have been drinking but the other cousins are less phased by it, having about a year or two on us. Its about 2am at this point and, after several comical drunken quotes and stumbles later.....

    (Fast forward to about 4am)

    ...we find ourself at the top of the hill again and everyone but the wasted, the californian, and me have gone to bed. There have been mentionings of "getting blazed" with a drunken accent several times throughout the night, and although he and I havent said anything, we both know we're curious. We gather in a spacious tent about ten feet from the fire with our sleeping bags about to go to bed and although im disappointed about not smoking, i know no promises were made and im in no position to ask (they were uncontrollably drunk at the time, i had to keep one of them from jumping over the fire that was obviously un-clearable.)

    (Fast forward 10 secs. haha sorry just trying to keep it readable)

    "You guys smoked before?" says the boyfriend (we came to be really good friends with him, hes a really cool guy.) We immediately sat up and were given the basics on how to handle a bowl. They start smoking and the smell immediately brings back every childhood memory of my parents bathroom (my dad is a giant stoner, and relatively open about it with me now.) The time comes when they realize we're still there and offer it to us. I say fuck it and reach out my hand for the bowl like its a piece of hot coal. I lift it to my mouth and get my first lung full of that sweet, sweet mj. I feel instantly light headed by the smoke and my heart is beating abnormally fast considering the relaxed nature of the tent. Then, after it goes around again, it hits me like a wave. I felt like i was being pushed by industrial fans in every direction but without the wind somehow. I have elevated off the ground at this point so i go outside and look up to see the clearest, most star populated sky i have ever or probably will ever see. My perspective is pulled back and the lines between my peripheral and direct vision are blurred to form a giant panoramic view of the sky and i felt like dancing.
    -The end

    Other stuff happened but im not sure from the combination of mj and lack of sleep :smoking:


    edit: We all get fucked up together whenever we gather and have so much fun. I have great friends but ill never be as tight with them as i am with my cousins.
  2. Sounds like a pretty enjoyable first high. The first couple of times I smoked I didn't get high, but when I finally did get blazed, I fell in love with mary jane haha
  3. awesome read. +rep
  4. nice story, i had a similar first time experience

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