another episode of..."NAME THAT PILL!!!"

Discussion in 'General' started by jtangorunnin, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. starring your host: Pillpopper McPopsalot...<br/><br/>
    Pillpopper McPopsalot: Contestant number 1, are you ready to....NAME THAT PILL!!!!<br/>
    Contestant Number 1: Oh, you better believe it.<br/>
    PM: Okay...for 500 dollars..what kind of pill is yellow, has the number "121" on one side and, on the other side, has a TRIANGLE with a P inside of it?<br/><br/> me out!
  2. Round yellow tablet imprinted AP 121 is 81 mg aspirin. The strange 'AP' is Advance Pharmaceutical's logo.
  3. haha do a better one then asprin..hahaha do a narcotic..
  4. aspirin? bummer...
    <br/>more to come after this short break!!!
  5. This would be a cool thing to keep going. k, Im going to find a hard one..

    Okay, this is a tuffy.. good luck.

    Capsule - half green, half yellow. Same logo on both halves of the capsule. Ill just find a pic to show you.

  6. Tramadol?
  7. Its a pill from Mexico. Which is either Tramadol or Prozac. Hasnt been positvley identified.
  8. i dont think thats prozac mine was 20mg blue
  9. Yea, its tramadol. Sorry KSR. Umm.. you can look at more pictures on erowid under pharms>tramadol
  10. My first gut instinct was tramadol.

    I searched more and found the same pill listed as Prozac.

    Lemme find it again.
  11. [​IMG]

    Now that i look at it again, I was too much under the influence because its obviuslly not that. Similar but no cigar.

    Most tramadol is a lil white pill, Not like you shown.

    Thats where i got my lead.
  12. Aight, Heres proof its tramadol.


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