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Another [Endless] HFT Test Q.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AlmostTan, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. Sorry - tried to ask this in the appropriate threads but got no responses so I'm hoping to get some more visibility this way!
    So my girlfriend was smoking ~1 bowl/5-6x week/1 year.  She has brown hair past her shoulders, exercises everyday.
    She has been clean for ~6-7 weeks.  Like everyone else, realized she'd have to be taking a HFT unexpectedly.
    \nShe did 4 days of the Macujo method, twice a day. She then cut 3-4 inches off her hair and it is shortest in the back (maybe 4 inches). Then bleached and dyed it.  Th The following day she did baking soda followed by the Hair Mudd + Shampoo from http://www.passyourd...est</span>s.htm (who when I talked to them on the phone, said she only needed the shampoo but we decided to play it safe). 
    \nShe thought she would have the test that day, it turns out it may be something like a week longer until she tests.  Since she has been clean, obviously she's growing new clean hair.  Her scalp is red and burned and peeling.  Wondering what you guys would recommend doing next.  Think she's in the safe zone? Or would you recommend spending another $200 for the hair Mudd + shampoo kit? Or think she might be fine doing like baking soda and zydot daily until it comes?
    \nGreatly appreciate everyone's expertise!!!

  2. sounds like your gf went through a lot for nothing.. im pretty sure if they test her later all that stuff in her hair won't do squat
  3. Seems like a lot of work

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