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Another drug testing question (<3)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by UtahCapita, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Ayo GC,

    So the day has FINALLY come that I need to stop smoking for my EMT certification. Sadly the clinical work that I have to do requires a drug test, but THANKFULLY I have 2 months to get clean.

    As someone who has been smoking TONS of weed (around 1-3 grams a day(everyday) and have been smoking oil recently) for a solid year now, how long should it take to clear my system?

    Just a heads up I'm around 5'11 - 165lbs and am in really good shape (not to brag or sound cocky just for more details), workout consistently, eat healthy and am going to be chugging agua.

    I'm really hoping that I can find a paramedic job in a state with legal use. Perhaps even the medical field will get more progressive minded in accepting marijuana use ONLY outside of work (and not coming to work stoned or useless) with all of this legalization talk in other states....

    Until later fellas.... pass pass passs.:smoke:
  2. What level of certification are you going for?

    I have my EMT-B.

    Anyway I was about your size and smoked a similar amount and was good after two weeks. I had a friend of mine that is smaller than me and his was in his system for up to six and a half weeks. I would not count on the usage of marijuana to be acceptable in the medical field at any point in the time.

    Cheers man and thanks to your commitment to a great discipline.
  3. Nice job getting your cert, I'm a paramedic, If you are that regular of a user, I would say 1 month to a month and a half for it to completely get out of your system. I had to take a drug test for nursing school and did it the old fashioned way and borrowed my best friends piss. As long as you keep the temp up and it's fresh then there should be no problem.
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    Thanks for the responses you two.

    I'm just starting my EMT-I (as of yesterday) or EMT Advanced (all that changing schenanigans) and my teacher requires 40 hours of clinic based shadowing and what not in various areas and she promised that there will be a drug test for those. Thankfully I have until the end of April to take care of all of that. I'm currently doing a BS and am emphasizing in emergency medical services with the hopes of becoming a paramedic or teaching EMT classes after I get some experience.

    Honestly, I'm okay with stopping smoking for a while. I still love getting high but it definitely lost its magic. I think this break will be good in making me enjoy it more when I return to it. I think I have plenty of time to exercise and get it out of my system. Thankfully I have below 10% body fat so it shouldn't be too hard to shake.

    So as a working paramedic or someone working with an EMT B, do you still smoke?

    I feel like in a few years there may be more open mindedness to acceptance in the workplace if it's LEGAL in your state. I don't see how they could discriminate against a legal substance and still allow alcohol (another drug) to be fine. Perhaps the facts about weed will eventually sift through???

    Either way, I'm just going to find other ways to spend my time and just drink when I feel the urge to need a break or party.
  5. I would guess 4 weeks. You could probably pass a test in 2.5-3 weeks if you drink enough water beforehand (not crazy dilution, just some extra water).
  6. Exactly, think of the break as a positive thing, by April you'll definitely get it out of your system no problem at all. I work for a private transfer company in Houston so we only get drug tested if management feels the need too, or we get in a wreck and it's our fault. Thankfully I'm responsible with my weed and I am a good driver lol. I see it as me fighting against the system, If I wanna smoke after doing one of the most stressful jobs on the planet, then hell ya i'm going to smoke, and no govt can bring me down, Now when I'm trying to find a nursing job once I'l have to quit, but till then Smoke on!:smoking:

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