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Another drug test question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Xylez, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. I can see these forums are ridden with these questions, wasn't gonna make an account an ask but thought I would because I'm pretty nervous and Not many with my body build.

    230lbs (20%ish body fat estimate - lost about 15 pounds since I started my detox jul 14th - god damn tacos)
    30-45 mins of cardio a day + 30-45 minutes of lifting.

    Been smoking for probably 4-5 years, but also lift/workout about 5-6 days a week. Up until May 1st I was smoking an 1/8th every 3 days, quit May 1st.

    Bought a 10sack and smoked half of it jul 14th, and have been clean since. Still doing my same workout regime, but adding an extra 30 min of cardio in the morning before food)

    I have to take a drug test week of august 7th, most likely take it on the 9th. At home drug tests (50 cutoff) are showing faint lines, I purchased a 20 cutoff to test lower levels.

    I have been eating super healthy the past 2 weeks (chicken, steak) and adding a lot of greens. My diet also is very high in fiber.

    I have more tests - 50 and 20 cutoffs coming today, but just wanted to see if anyone else has input on me being clean by mid next week? I also plan on doing the N2 dilution method as well.
  2. stay clean for 30 days non stop

    then try one of those

    test at home kits

    or better

    avoid the test completely and protect

    your dignity and 'human rights'

    good luck
  3. Thanks for the input, don't plan on smoking for awhile as this drug test is for a job that I have to relocate for.

    Avoiding the test for dignity and human rights isn't comparable to the pay I'd be giving up.
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  4. Also not sure if it matters but my supplements include;

    Cranberry extract: 2 x 500mg / day
    Green tea extract: 1000mg / day
    Apple cider vinegar: 1000mg /day
    BCAAs: 3000mg / day
    Milk Thistle : 1000mg / day
    Dandelion root tea - one cup a night
    Thermogenic booster - twice a day - sweat like a mad man.
  5. Just wanted to update with some pics, 3 of the same pics are from a 20ng/ml cutoff and one from a 50ng/no cutoff.

    Am I right by thinking that on the 20ng/ml cutoff that there is indeed a line there?

    I still plan on doing some dilution
  6. In my experience, chugging a literal gallon of water before heading out for the piss test works every time.

    The difference is this- drug tests for probation/parole/anything legal will automatically fail you if your piss is diluted. This is ridiculous, because anyone who is properly hydrated will be marked as "diluted". The pigs are in the know on that method of cheating, therefore the automatic fail.

    Employment drug tests are different. 3 separate occasions now, I've smoked literally on the way to the drug test center after chugging a gallon. Show up, piss, and the attendant/piss verifier always says something like "this is clearly diluted". All I ever reply with is "I'm an athlete, im training for a marathon, I have to stay extra hydrated for my own personal safety and health". Not once has my diluted piss for an employment test resulted in a fail.

    I realize that is entirely anecdotal, but it has worked for me 3 separate times, in 3 different testing centers. Your experience may vary- the job you're testing for may have largely different testing criteria.

  7. Thanks for the response, this is indeed for employment and they know I'm an avid lifter and workout so using the over-dilution excuse is passable for me if that were to occur.

    Just curious what you think about the above pictures, am I hallucinating that I see a faint line on the 20ng/ml cutoff strip?
  8. Can we have a sticky for these or something. There's 2 posted daily!!
  9. I see two lines, the upper one is clear and the lower one is faint, but still visible. Sorry, I'm not entirely confident on how to read these things.

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