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Another Drug Test Question/Scenario

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Mari-Haha, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. Hey! I’m new here.

    I’m sure I’m being paranoid here and I’m sure you heard that before. I already have my new job (start August 5th). I accepted the offer letter, did the background check, etc. The company (university) normally doesn’t test staff members BUT this time it’s in a hospital. I’ll have no direct contact with patients or anything like that. After accepting the position officially today I asked “what are the next steps of the process?” And they simply said to do the background check (done) and then show up on August 5th. Do you think I’m good to celebrate my new job this weekend? Is it common for companies to do post hire drug tests? Seems like they’d have gone through a lot of trouble getting me on payroll, etc just to drug test...
  2. Id say ud have randoms from here on out idk tho did u get any paperwork as fare as rules ect ?

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  3. I wouldn't worry
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  4. I read the offer letter carefully. As far as rules, it just said the offer was contingent on passing the background check which I would have.

    It’s just an office support position. You’d think they cut us a break lol

    *Edit: totally meant to quote the reply...
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  5. That’s kind of what I was thinking. Just trying to get more opinions. Thanks for weighing in!
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  6. Ohh ok in that case ud prolyy be cool then i was just thinking hospital and meds u know,,congrats on new job and good luck man.

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  7. Totally get playing it safe. Worked in a pharmacy before and they for sure tested.

    Thanks so much!
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