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    Hey all, I have a thread going for this grow, link is in my sig. I'm growing 2 G13 Poison Dwarfs with 214W of CFL each. It will be week 4 of the grow tomorrow. Everything has been going mostly pretty well except on my bigger plant most of the upper canopy, smaller leaves are drooping. Some larger leaves have a droopy tip and are starting to become slightly discolored.

    I've included a series of pictures to try and help. I'm pretty new to everything so it's kind of hard to describe it at any length.

    Thank you lots for any help, I'de like to avoid any problems before they get out of hand.

    edit...guess it would be smart to tell my watering habits...

    I've been watering every 2-3 days or until the first 2-3 inches of the soil are dry, I think I could probably be waiting a little longer but I could be wrong, for all I know I could be watering too little.

    I started watering with 1 Tbsp of Molasses to a gallon of water earlier this week. I'm also using about 1/8 strength Super Bloom added to the Molasses.

    The plants are in 2 gallon pots, been watering about 5 cups which only has some run off, of which is sucked up within 20 mins.

    edit edit...

    I'm growing in Miracle Grow (Yes I know, blah blah, noob decision that was made prior to knowing better) potting soil which is .21-.07-.14 and is a 3 month time release formula.

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  2. I could be wrong but as of current it looks like very light nute burn. Mollasses is a natural chelating agent so keep that in mind you can cause nute lockout. Second this applies more for organic but worth mentioning. Mollasses will cause massive bacteria blooms which will make more nutes available really quick.
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    This is what I was thinking, I'll water them without any nutes this next time then back up the Super Bloom a little cause I did add a little extra than I originally started with on my last water.

    1 Tbsp of Molasses is ok though right?

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