Another Dream

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  1. Another Dream

    Everything I ever had I used up.
    Like a broke down engine; An empty cup.
    A dying city; A losing team.
    I need another dream.

    I never been anywhere that felt like home.
    I wanna leave this place; Got nowhere to go.
    I get so lonely, makes me wanna scream.
    I need another dream.

    I work so hard for all these things that only tie me down.
    If I can just keep going maybe my time will come around.
    A friendly look; A woman's smile.
    Things could be better than they seem.
    I need another dream.

    Appolgies to James Armstrong- used w/o permission. \t
    (hope it sells him some records though)
    And I hope you got something from this.
    I just wish the music could've accompanied this lyric.

  2. I just felt that song embodied so much of what a good blues song was. It's something that most folks at some point in their lives may feel. And now they know they aren't alone. That's the theriputic value of The Blues. And there's more where that came from. Contrary to what most people believe, The Blues aren't all sadness and grief. There's a lot of fun and funny songs in the genre. Alot like any other. It just does it w/o all the sugar-coating and very little varnish. It's adult music about adults. BB

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