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Another dorm room question..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HighAgain, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Alright so I just got to my new off campus-dorm in Austin, Tx.
    Everythings pretty badass so far.. So right after my mom left I pulled out the perc and loaded a fatty. It wasnt untill after the bowl i realized the smoke detectors. So I know you can tape a plastic bag around them but I have no tape at the moment. Annnnd I would just take out the batteries but theres an additional like 6 detectors in my room - the hall - and living room. My roommates havent moved in yet , i got the place to myself for 2 days and I dont wanna have plastic bags on all of our smoke detectors hahaha. And I def. dont wanna take out all the batterys on all of them. I'm in a pickle.
  2. Smoke in a bathroom or near a window then, or run out to the store and get a roll real quick. If you have a fan or something, have it circulate the air around that way there won't be a big cloud of smoke building up stagnant.
  3. Thanks for the idea but im not down for all that bullshit.
    Anything else I can do
  4. wait your not down with smoking by a window and a fan so you wont get caught???

    :confused: that seems pretty damn easy to me
  5. That seems like an okay idea I guess. I got an air purifier in my room
    and I just met some people and im in there room tokin this place is real chill. I should be fine just opening the door and tokin

  6. yeah dude...just do waht you gotta. i WANNA take a bong hit and blow it in a pig's face...however, this may not be a great idea. YOU wanna sit in your room and smoke, this may not be a great idea...
  7. Why not get a vaporizer?
  8. I don't like vapeing as much as I do smoking..
    sometimes you just wanna smoke
    I used to own a vapepo, got tired of it vedyvedy quick ..
  9. smoking openly in on campus dorms is a GREAT way to get sent home asap. i met like 5 kids that were kicked out and had to go hom,e within the first week of school after moving into the dorms.

    smoking in dorms is hella sketchy. just go outside, or smoke out the window with a fan and a towel under the door.
  10. coat hanger, man.

    put a plastic bag inside the triangle part of the hanger, and just stick the alarm in the bag, it'll stick up there and can be pulled right off if somebody knocks or whatever.

  11. Hey man Its UT. No way he's going home even if he gets caught. Hell if a cop saw him he'd still probably be ok.
  12. hell yeah dude here in austin ur going to have no problem with cops and smoking especially if ur off campus and get ready for some really dank home grown shit
  13. yeah say either sit by the window and use a fan to blow the smoke out, or jamaican shower. either way throw a towel under the door, and try to ghost every hit.

    just blowin all the smoke in the room is just being unnecessarily hot. And id find out a little about your R.A. (resident assistant - if thats what they call them there) before you smoke in the room in general. You could have a dick one that catches a whiff and gets you into some shit right off the bat.
  14. Wait, you're using a bong?
    I highly doubt any bong will set of the smok detector. Just open a window.
  15. +rep .. thanks I will try that
  16. haha that was easy. and thats tight, that should do the job.. thanks
  17. haha, no worries man i'm glad i was able to explain that well enough for you to understand.

    + rep for being drunk
  18. Get the Vapor Genie. All the goodness of the vape, the portability needed for college.
  19. Oust and a fan

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