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  1. "Everything contained in this thread and all future responses ever made on this site are fictional and for hypothetical entertainment purposes."
    "also, the photos contained within are either publicly available online or were produced with photoshop magic."

    Alright, here's the dill. So my friend gave me 6 clay pots with (what was believed to be) train wreck seedlings. That was 4 months ago. He had no way to cultivate (especially since the week prior, his 2 yr old son pulled all the seedlings out of the clay pots (all survived miraculously after replanting)). The thing is tho, I told him that there's no way I can spend any money on this grow. Finances are tough (until this crop yields of course haha) and it was decided that the plants would grow in nothing more than 5 gallon buckets with soil, and receive only the free sun available to us here in California. Water- nothing more than hose water.

    So it began. Sorta. Well I didn't have any buckets, so I had to keep them in the clay pots for nearly a month... They did NOTHING for that month. I got desperate and put them in a closet with a basic fluorescent plant light. (nowhere near what they need (trust me I'm not ignant) but I am broke). So I let them "vege" in my closet with 24 hour light till I got 4 buckets (yay!). 4 plants went into the buckets, one i put in my topsy turvey pepper grower (experiment), and the last one was accidentally sacrificed during transplant.... I cried a little and moved on.

    The first picture I posted shows the tiny ass yard they live in. Obviously there's no way to get full sunlight all day as theres only direct light in the yard for about 6 hours.. The rest of the day is just ambient sunlight. However, my theory was that natural sunlight is way more powerful than any imitation sunlight you buy for hundreds of dollars. Sure not as long and not as direct, but waaaay cheaper haha. Anywho, they took off! They were used to a month of crap indoor lighting, so of course they blew up. I let them vege for another month using the natural light because I wanted big plants. Gotta make it worth it right?

    Couple disasters happened during that month: the second biggest plant ended up growing balls and I was forced to throw a bag over it and rip it out. I OBVIOUSLY did this in front of the other three plants to show them what would happen to them if they grew balls also! (it worked).
    Second disaster: my screen door fell off the track and landed on two of the plants a week before I was gonna flower, breaking both plants halfway up the stem (cut both from 3 feet tall to 1.5 foot)... I quickly grabbed the broken tops, shoved them in some soil, and made some free clones using only water. They both rooted and are doing fine. The "mothers" they came from ended up taking to the top, and each grew 4 main branches each instead of just two. (you can see in the pics) so I got lucky.

    After they showed signs of being healed up (new nodes) I decided it was time to flower. Me being a cheap ass, all that meant was moving the plants into my garage between 830 am and 830 pm. It's been 27 days since I've started doing this and I figured it's time to post where I'm at so far. Oh one more thing. I'm pretty sure one of the plants isn't train wreck like the rest. Ima post a bunch of pictures for you guys to see and comment on, maybe one of you knows what strain it MIGHT be since there's no way to know for sure anymore.. Unlike other people I've seen post on here, I promise not to be disrespectful towards anything you guys say. I want to hear whatever you have to say! Thanks for reading all that and remember, all I've used is miracle grow potting soil, 5 gallon buckets, and hose water. Good luck to all of you and happy growing!

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    Pictures posted somewhat out of order, here's the key
    1. Yard they grow in (taken a while ago)
    2. The male before murdering it
    3. The balls from the male
    4. This is the plant in the middle in picture 10 a week after the screen fell on it. this is the one that looks different from rest after it started flowering. Maybe train wreck mutant? I'll post more later showing its features better.
    5. This is my prize plant before flowering (same as pics 8,9 and 11)
    6. This is the other plant (on the end in pic 10) the day before it got "screen door topped".
    7. Same plant but after it got topped. Notice the 4 main branches now
    8. My prize cola from main plant (current pic)
    9. Same
    10. Family photo (current)
    11. Same as 8 and 9. It's filling in soooo nicely!
  3. I forgot to put a picture of a nug!

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  4. Oh and here's more detail between the two that got topped, they just seem to be different strains based on nug density and nodes lengths, also the fan leaves on the oddball all have purple stems. I'm aware that certain conditions cause this, but I'm sure the purple is from different genetics than the rest. Input?

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  5. nice looking plant, you can edit your original post so you dont have to keep adding to the thread
  6. Gotcha, I was using the grasscity app and couldn't figure out how to edit till just now. Thanks!
  7. Weekly update! I used an eyepiece from an old video camera to take pictures of the buds. Not too many trychs yet but I'm still only 4 1/2 weeks into flower. Does anyone know if the trychs get more dense or is this as "hairy" as it will get?

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  8. lookin good! think about mixing in some bootstrap molasses in the next watering or two, then two weeks of flush before you harvest

  9. Good call, I read about that on a few other threads. Makes the calyxes explode huh. I want to soo bad just to see what happens if I do, but I'm broke as shit. I know it's only like 3 bucks but that's gas money. Ugh. The good thing is tho that I'm going to have an absolute baseline of how much these plants yield with no nutes at all. I know it's weird to say that I don't wanna increase the yield, but I believe doing this will allow me to see just how much more yield I get when I use different nutes next crop. One of my plants next batch is gonna only have molasses as a nute. One of em's gonna receive superbloom. And the others are gonna have a full line of nutes beginning to end. I should be able to see from that which nutes are actually "worth" getting for all the plants. Hahaha doing this puts me back 100 years behind growers who already know how to use (and can afford) nutes, but experiments are fun!
  10. Turnin purple!?! Okay so this showed every sign of being trainwreck till now. I have heard of mixed genetics causing sativas to turn purple during different phases of flower, but to wait until about a week before flush seems pretty late. Do sativas turn purple in cold? Or is this just most likely a hybrid purple X sativa? Anybody have an idea?

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  11. Harvest day tomorrow!! It's 1:13 AM. Too excited to sleep!
  12. Those are... Such cool pictures! Good luck on harvest.
  13. More pics :D that trainwreck looks great!!
  14. looks great pics pics pics! lol
  15. Man, I'm tired.. Took a lot of pics, got a solid yield. Will post the details mañana!

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