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  1. well so as most are now a days, I am looking for peace of mind. So usually I am one to avoid jobs with drug testing, but then I was offered a job at my apartment and they did not remeber to mention until after several interviews at the very end the said they require drug screening! Well Thing is she has been telling the staff that works there that I am already hired....i guess she thinks the test will no problem for me... thing is I have smoked 3 months straight and just stopped miraculously about 7-10 days ago. I have been working out to where I now weight somewhere about 135lbs and I am 5'7. I was able to get some lasix as well so I have been taking those and flushing my system. yesterday I took a at home drug test, and I don't know how close to the real thing that those are, but when the result came out it had a very dark line under control, but a very faint and very faint I mean line for the the T section.. the book said even a faint line is a negative... but man its reallly faint.... so I guess my question is do you think there is any hope? the test is tomorrow but I can push to thursday?:confused::confused:

  2. where do you live? go to a smokeshop and buy fake piss.
  3. Fake piss def won't work don't even waste yur time with that. Drink a shit ton of water and keep exercising
  4. true they may make me strip down for the test and wear a dress thing like in doctors office, or at least thats whatI have heard from websites. I know its not gonna be an expensive drug test, but its definately gonna have to be my own pee.
  5. GNC has some of those detox kits, my friend followed it an HOUR before her drug test and it actually fucking worked.

    She called me cause I was with her sister one day because the entire week she was trying to find a way to detox until she found that kit an hour before the test.

    Go in there and ask, the guy(or girl) who works there should help you with a kit, usually they have the same active ingredient so look for kits with similar ingredients

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