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Another day in the life of KSR...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Got my true hustle on today.

    Started out with someone i knew needed a half o. So they called me told me that, I said i can get it ill call ya back.

    Call my boy and he out, Said he hanst been able to get shit for like 2-3 days. Fuck. Call my other main hookup and hes out too, Lookin for shit. What the fuck.

    I called the list of people i got and got almost nothing.

    One boy came through, Told him i needed a half. He said he could get it.

    So as soon as i hung up the other dude called and said he needed a O now. Fuck.

    So my boy came through, I payed him for a O and he fronted me 3 more oz's.

    I gave away the first one. Then the 2 other o's my boys needed so i gave each a o. Then another one of my boy needed a o and i gave him it.

    Got rid of a QP in like a couple hours.

    Made me some greenery.

    Bought me a 30 pack of beer.

    A pizza from hungry howies.

    I got about a ounce bagged up in dime baggies to give away. Or smoke as i please.

    Get throwed tonight.

    Bored so took pics...

  2. yet another entertaining read. thnx ksr much love.
  3. fuckin get trashed take more pictures bro...i have some xanies
  4. ^Jus because you said so bro.

    See, Haha.



  5. whoa dude,
    this is the first time i've ever seen a pic of you, ksr. i always thought you were black. i've only known one white crip in my life besides you (never met a white blood).
  6. I dont think he's white, he looks latino to me
  7. Another good read.

    Lucky you for having all that bud! I need to wait until tomorrow or sunday until I can pick up another zip.
  8. Love me some natural ice.:hello:
  9. damn my eyes burn..thank you man..KSR YOU ARE THE SHIT
  10. i'm on the next bus out to detroit to meet you, KSR. you are my hero.

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