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  1. Woke up, Got ready and had class today from 8:45-1:00.

    Got there at like 8:20. Chilled outside n talked to my peoples. Found out one homie got in a fight with his dad that morning, And gots no where to live. I told him you know you can stay at my crib. Its ghetto as fuck and you'l,l be sleepin on the floor and it'llbe rough but we'll always take our people in at hard times. No matter how hard times are for us.

    So he went to class, MIddle of class he got up and left and i havent talked to him since. I dont know whats up. I called him like 3 times and no answer or call back and he always picks up.

    Well then at lunch. Its 10:35-11:10 is lunch break. Well 2 dudes i aient know asked if i had papers and i did and asked if i could roll a J. So i rolled up two of them and they blazed me out. Then after that left with my homie and headed over my homie mikes crib with my homie dennis.

    We walkin down the stret and see my homeboy lil gordy walkin down the same street coming towards us.

    We all went to mikes n then from there went to a park then to lil gordys crib.

    Get almost to lil gordys crib when we see TJ driving towards us. This gordys older brother but me n him sorta got beef because he has beef with my homie hankey.

    He puts his shit in park and him n his buddy take they seat belts and im thinking shits boutt o get routy but they jus pulled away.

    Get to gordys, He smokes a fat joint with us. Then me n dennis head back to asher and get there by 1:06 exact. Im old enough to be on these boards but not legal age to buy liquor so i got a dude i kinda sorta know to take me to the store n get me a 2 fifths of R & R. We was with two girls.

    Went to my crib dropped the shit off, Got in the van and he asked if i could get some alumin foil and i came out with a real pipe.

    One of the girls had herb and smoekd us up and we all got stoned.

    Then one of her guys called her and needed a bag. We picked them up and i went and got a bag for them. Two dudes i never chilled with before. 2 hard dudes, One huge afro n shit lol.

    So we got that, Went to the store got a swisher and rollled a blunt and smoked down. Then we dropped them off.

    We was by my crib and i seen hankeys burboun in front of lil gordys crib. Went there and theres like 20 people outside chilling. TJ and Hankey squashed the beef and were smokin a blunt. Kicked with them and smoked a couple blunts.

    Dropped the girls off and he dropped me off at the crib.

    Mowed lawns to make some more loot to get a bag of herb to go along with the drank.

    So did it. Gettin a bag in a lil while.

    But my ma's gets home with a 12 pack of Molson Ice for me. I was like fuck yeah. She never jus buys me it, I always gotta pay for it. So that was cool, And real good beer and good alch percent for being ICE.

    So now, Chillin here, Drankin my 4th beer watin on a bag of weed. Dude jus needs to walk down stairs n weigh it out but hes lazy as fuck lol.

    So drankin, Bout to get my smoke on.

    Going to my boys house a few blocks down and partying there for Cinco De Mayo.

    (Shit i forgot, This morning my homie Ryan and Santiago (Both full blown mexican) were chillin in ryans ride. Huge mexico flag hanging from his window. Santi with a mexican jersey. Bumpin latin rap. Homie john rolls up, He straight mexican too, Wearin a mexican flag as a shirt. Tons of mexican girs out there shakin what they got to the music. Good shit.)
  2. Yesterday was jus real chill.

    Ended up so fucked up.

    Sat on the front porch drinking and watching all the mexicans party down. Smoked a couple blunts n jus got ripped.
  3. awesome story man. so many sessions, and they are all random.

    next time i'm in ann arbor or detroit i'll have to let you know so we can smoke.

    and +rep for an awesome story

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