Another day in Hollywood

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    Long story short, I come home, my whole block is police taped off, about 20 pigmobiles and bout 40 oinkers surrounding my apartment building/scattered on the block.

    Basic overview is 4 people got shot on the 1st floor of my building, I live on the 3rd floor, I wasn't home though, came about an hour later. Two of them died, one's in critical condition, and ones injured, one of them's a 7 year old kids mom. Was on the news and everything, went to go blaze shortly after I found out I couldn't chill at home.


    EDIT : BTW the 7 year olds kid mom is dead. And I knew her.

    EDIT2 : I forgot to mention the mother also had a 6 month old baby.
  2. that's incredibly fucked man any news on what it's about yet?

  3. I don't know the exact details but the mom (mid 30s) and her husband were having typical marital problems I guess, and eventually the guy got too fed up and popped caps in her ass, and this other mid 50s mexican dude got killed too. Then cops came, and my manager got skimmed by a bullet, nothing serious, and the suspet is either in critical condition or dead due to cops retaliation (he tried to shoot the pigs too)
  4. damn dude, thats some shit. especially so close to home
  5. another night in hollywood

    edit: but in all seriousness..that's crazy and yea shit like that happens and its fuckin scary when it does.. i remember when i was at my homie's pad in a shady area and a shooting was goin on and like a cop died and other was injured and ther suspect guy was killed..we wer elika block away tripppin the fuck out

    and my dad was across the street when terrorists hit up the Taj hotel in india...they decided not to go there because he wanted to watch a show and just chill last minute...fuck if they went i dont think i would be seeing my dad today

  6. damnnnnnnnn

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