Another Cordless light Question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 024atsar, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. I have one of those lights, and it would crispy the plant no matter what kind of fan you have. I have a 250 watt version, and I can(have) made smores in my room before with it. No fan is going to keep the plant cool, and also, the thing goes through its fair share of light bulbs.
  2. lol, roasted fucking smores? that sucks, well what bout the 150 watt versoin?
  3. No-go. Buy a 200 watt CFL bulb and any fixture will do. No heat, low cost and it works.
  4. ya i was just trying to find something cordless, cuz someone can see the cord going into my closet so its not very stealthy like i would like it to be.
  5. That was a thread from a newbie asking if it would work, and the answer to both of you is no.
  6. wel theres gotta be a way to replace the bulb with a cfl, right?
  7. No, not at all. Why would you assume there has to be a way?

    That is a halogen fixture, it only takes halogen bulbs -- in fact, only particular size and shape halogen bulbs that fit in the lamp.
  8. idk cuz i searched somethin on google and it said on some other site that they had an 100 watt halogen lamp and they replaced it with a fluorescent.
  9. It has a cord anyways it says right in the description it has a 5' cord with a grounded plug so...........not really cordless
  10. That's $65 for a 65w fluoro fixture, and yes it has a cord.
  11. Ya ur right I guess it's not cordless, but I fixed that outlet so no need for cordless nemore.

  12. This is me 024atsar, using my friends account.Ha sry for the confusion.
  13. As already mentioned. Those types of bulbs produce WAAAYYY too much heat.

    Get 125W CFLs. The 200W CFLs just seem to take up more space more than anything.
  14. i just bought 2 30w bright white cfl's and 2 42w soft white, and 4 clamp light things.

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