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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PeanutGreen, May 15, 2010.

  1. So one time I was chilling with two of my friends. This is when we were all around 16 and 17. It was about midnight and we just pull in at this huge park, that was void of life. It was just unused land so far, it seemed like a legit place. And we were pretty much invisible from the road. So me and my friend Black and my friend B get out of the car with about 3 grams of weed. A bowl. And there's acid in the car. We walk into this trail into the woods a little bit, then we sit on the ground. Black packs the bowl and takes a hit, I take a hit. Then we see a car pulling up, shining it's lights. We hear the little cop siren and we fucking book it. I pick up my flip flops and Black just loses his, then we see some houses. We go on the right side of the houses and keep going. At that point Brad was veering off away from us. Anyways, I picked up my flip flops. And me and Black ran through a fucking barn thing. Jumped over a wire and were in a field. We saw some huge fucking horse, and just kept going. We had to jump over some fence thing, then I ditched the bowl and my weed. And then we were venturing through this fucking dark ass forest. I guess the adrenaline was allowing us to plow through. I trip over barbed wire several times. And there were trees and shit everywhere. We just keep fucking going and we come out by a fire station a whiles down the road from where we were. We go across the road into some woods a little bit and sit on a log. B calls us and says he went back to the car and ditched his acid. His car was unlocked but, thank god, it wasn't touched. Brad came and got us and we all went home. At this point is was about 12:45. I had cuts allllllllllll over my fucking legs and feet. We just went home. I know it's pretty stupid, but.. we kinda panicked. But at least we got away fine.

    Anyways, I hope that was interesting story.
  2. nice story man. ya. this one time it was like 2 in the morning and i was walking to my friends house. and i see a cop. and so i book it through houses. and i just hid in some guys garage. its sooo hard to control your breathing when u have adrenaline.

    did u ever go back for your weed?
  3. I wish. I had no fucking idea where I through it at. haha
  4. fuck yea dude:smoking:
  5. good story bro. at least you didnt get caught by the pigs. too bad you lost your weed tho...
    did you stash the pipe or did you keep it on you?
  6. I bet you were just at the park after hours
  7. Nah. It was a crappy ceramic bowl or something. I didn't really care about it.

    It wasn't really a park. I don't think it was finished being built or something. It was a huge parking lot with like, grass fields and sidewalks and stuff.

    And the back of it was just near some woods that were near some houses.
    So we were trespassing past curfew.
  8. yea man whenever im running from cops (if i have to), it seems like i dont give a fuck if im gonna get hurt and shit. i was hopping a fence once and fell and was covered in blood but i kept running. until i stopped and caught my breath is when i realized how hurt i was
  9. HaHa yea i was there with PeanutGreen. That was such a crazy night. I really regretted ditching my weed the next day though :mad:

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