another co2 thread

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by barnaby_wylde, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. drill a little hole in the side of ur grow box.

    insert a tube into the hole and seal it with silicon or something.

    run the other end of the tube to a comfy chair infront of the tv.

    sit in chair

    insert tube into ur mouth

    breath in through ur nose and out through ur mouth while watching tv.

    if watching porn then the breaze from the rush of air into the grow box wud shake the plant like a fan does and strenthen the stems of ur plant.

    this shud not b atemped by ppl with really stinky breath cus it might make ur buds taste funny.
  2. LMAO........yeah put on some "Debbie does Dallas", and they'll grow to be out.........Sid
  3. not a bad idea! have one in your mouth while your sleeping, with like a snorkel mouth peice on it, and a 1 way valve so you can breate out of the tube, and you'll be provinding CO2 while you sleep.:D

    next time....

    light your bong with natural methane!:p

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