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  1. Hi All,

    started a small 2 plant rubbermaid grow a couple of days ago. I have 2 White Widow seeds, and currently have 2 6500k 42 watt cfls about 2 inches away. I'm using a generic garden center soil mixed with worm castings, the soil said it contains perlite but it's not enough, when i move them to bigger pots I will mix in about 25% perlite as I understand it helps with overwatering. I have a light/ph/moisture meter, it really shows how CFLs have to be close to the plant, when you place the light near the meter it goes off the chart, move it 5 inches away and it barely registers, good demonstration of what everyone already knows I guess.

    They just broke through last night and I'm going to add some more lights tonight after everyone's in bed. I already have 2 more 42 watt 2700ers I'm thinking of just putting those in there rather than shelling out for 2 more 6500ers, any thoughts?

    I have 2 small CPU fans for intake and exhaust and I've covered the inside with a walmart emergency blanket, makes a huge difference.

    The bins are in my basement which is pretty cool so even with the lights I'm only at 71 degrees F, hopefully the additional lights will warm things up a bit.

    I'm trying to find a little an to put inside an aim at the lights / plants to ensure strong stems but I can't find one anywhere, I guess no one wants fans in December in Canada! I'll post some pics in a bit and would appreciate any tips / advice.

    remember.....The ringer must not look empty.
  2. dude i cant find a desk fan ANYWHERE walmart homedepot lowes everyone says "its not that season" im like wtf FAN season.
  3. Buy the extra 6500kers for $7 at walmart you'll be glad you used those to veg instead of the 2700ks.

    Everything sounds good I hope she serves you well :smoking:

    Are the bins just sitting on the cold basment floor? If so you might want to get them off the floor somehow.
  4. Here's a pic of the setup, I'll switch out the 2700s for 6500s.

    I'm looking for a good timer for when i switch to 12/12, any tips on how to run the lights through the timer? Should I plug the whole powerbar into the timer?

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  5. Get a 15 amp rated timer if you're going to plug a lot of shit into it

  6. I wonder what they do with all their fans in the off season?
  7. ^they just sit in a warehouse, they don't ship the fans until they decide to.there's only so much space in wal mart haha

  8. Do most people shut their fans off during the dark cycle? I think it would be too cold if I left them running with no lights...thx for the help all!
  9. i need an answer for that one to ^^:rolleyes:
  10. I'm pretty sure they do. I know i do and it makes sense because indoors you are trying to recreate outdoor conditions, and outside the wind blows 24/7
  11. I have my fan running 24/7 unless it gets real cold out then I just plug it into the timer
  12. I think having the fan on without lights would lower the temps too much. I'm also going to trim down the plastic cups to almost the same level as the soil and position them closer to the intake fan, that should get them swaying a little bit. One mistake I've already noticed is the location of the Rubbermaid bins, they are under the stairs in my basement and it's a real pain in the ass to get to, also even with all the mylar-like material the bins glow too much. I think if I grow again I'll construct a wood and dry wall box.

    When I was doing some research on this before I started everyone seemed to say "use bagseed for your first grow", I've been buying weed on and off for 10 years and I've never come across a seed! Is that unusual?

    Question. At what point do you switch from "keeping the seedlings roots moist" to "water thoroughly and then let it dry?"

    thanks for the help and the interest.

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