another Carbon Filter question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by llab, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. OK so you can get the ones that hang form the ceiling that are 6 inches (250 cfm or so)...Would that work well in a smallish closet where I have my grow cabinet..?

    Or would it be a lot better to use a 4inch with 100-isg cfm connected to cabinet..
  2. any thoughts would like to be able to hang it in closet where cabinet is located - Would hat suffice or I need it directly to exhaust in cabinet
  3. Why not use an ozone generator?
  4. There are multiple ways to use a carbon filter. Your choices are...

    hang it inside the box...or outside the box and make sure fan is sucking THROUGH the carbon material and out the fan

    or you could have the air sucked through the fan and pushed OUT the carbon material in an exhast fashion. Just remember when doing this your exhast is very constricted and the temp will indeed by higher then if it was a normal exhast with no blockage.

    The carbon filter setup you choose really depends on your space and what is ideal. In both setups listed above the air is being filtered just in different ways. You may need to try both methods and see what works best. Hope that helped at all.
  5. thanks I'd rather have it hanging in the closet outside the growbox just wasn't sure it was effective as connected to the box exhaust
  6. and i'm sure a 4" 100 cfm would suffice for a small cabinet
  7. I decided on a 4inch & connecting it to the top of the cabinet to exhaust instead of just hanging one in the closet.

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