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Another Bud Head joke

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jul 16, 2002.

  1. A long dusty day on the trail was coming to an end when the old cowboy by the name of bud head stopped in town to wet his whistle. He pulled up in front of the saloon, tied his horse up, and started beating the trail dust off.

    As the barkeep watched from the doorway, Bud walked to the rear of his horse and lifted the mares tail. Bud leaned in close and gave hist trusty mount a big fat kiss dead on the horses ass. he then stepped inside and ordered a beer.

    The bartender spoke up "Did you just kiss that horse on the ass?"

    'Yep!' muttered old Bud.

    In astonishment, the bartender replied " Why in the world, would a grown man kiss a horse's ass?"

    Bud Head answered " Well its mighty dusty out there on the trail and my lips get chapped pretty bad."

    "Chapped lips? "the puzzled bartender replied "Does that help cure the chapped lips?"

    "Well no, but it keeps me from licking them and pulling the scabs!"
  2. ROTFFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hell i thought i was kissing her on the mouth. Horse slobber is good for chapped lips. LOL

    STML is getting the best of me!!!!!!!!LMAO!
  3. rotflmao!! :wink: that was pretty funny!!! :D
  4. lol. that's some funny stuff
  5. yeah that was great
  6. I SAY I I I SAY I RESEMBLE THAT REMARK *said as foghorn leghorn*.....i dunno..i wanna be high, does that coutn?
  7. Aren't old posts fun?
  8. aw man now i want to puke
  9. budhead is a chump...
  10. lol nice one

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