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Another Brownie thread.....just look

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Cledds, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Alright so I am making a single batch of brownies for myself.......cuz I am greedy lol! But I have some questions

    1) Is it better for me to make canna-butter or use canna-oil?

    2) I was thinking of using an 8th......because all I can get around me is headies and I have not been able to find any mids or even beasters.......will that be enough bud or should I just not make them?

    3) Will it smell a ton.....I dont really care but I am just wondering?

    Well thanks for any help
  2. 1. Butter
    2. Should be all right, depending on the pan size/how many brownies per batch. As long as its good dank your good
    3. It will smell, but not major, spray a little ferbreez and its gone

    Hope this helps
  3. 1) i say oil. thc is an oil based substance, butter is only 65% oil, so the theory is the oil will extract thc better..

    2) it will do, but i personally like to cook with at least a half ounce when making brownies, whenever i make brownies with a quarter, even of some dank, it just never does the full job, you fell a little high. but whenever we use up to an ounce (which is pretty much our standard now) the brownies get you smashed fucked up

    3) yea it smells, not too bad, but it will definitly smell
  4. about 2 weeks ago i put a half o of some mids(bricked beasters...) and made a 12 brownie batch using cannabutter(personal favorite). They were so powerful and potent!!! me and 3 friends each had three and i was the highest ive ever been for 5 hours before fallin asleep and when i woke up i was still high! Butter all the way...

    I would love to try it with an 8th of some fire some day =)!!!

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