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  1. so i was wondering how growers use the best parts of plants to create a cross strain. do they just grow ( in an ideal situation)an assortment of females( say 5 northern lights females) and then 5 males (say 5 sour diesel) and then do they choose the 2 plants they like best and further pollinate them? say they like the smell of one of the NL, and the fast growth of one of their SD plants, and then pollinate from there? sorry if this is confusing and any input would be very helpful!
  2. That's the basic idea. Select a male and a female, based on desired traits. Cross pollinate, and hope for the best.

    Where you go from there depends on what you want to achieve.

  3. thanks for the answer. if there is a male or female plant that i really liked, would i be able to do multiple pollinations and seed harvests? or is it a 1 time thing?
  4. I'd recommend taking clones and keeping them in a vegetative state if you want more than one run of seed.

  5. thanks for the help
  6. we learned about punnet squares in gradeschool. i really wish i payed attention

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