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Another boring saturday night

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. Man i gotta start callin up my homies sooner , this is the second saturday in a row that ive called up my homies and i cant get ahold of them cause they are allready out havin fun. One of these days my friends gotta get cell phones so i can hit them up no matter where they are :( ........borrrrrreeeeeed , oh well atleast i got some bud to smoke and i think im comin down with the flu so i might as well catch up on some extra sleep to try to prevent it.
  2. Boring here too...waiting for my mom to go to sleep so I can pick up my friend and go get some mids
  3. yup, tonights been extremely boring, my hangover high from my dex trip wore off a couple hours ago, so i'm just sittin here chillin, listening to deftones, i think i'm gunna put Donnie Darko in and watch that.
  4. Well as long as I am high its all good to me, but I do wish I

    was out chillin with some of my friends.. I haven't been able

    to go out with my friends for like 5 month now cause of

    house arrest... :smoking: :D
  5. You guys kill me!!

    I just got back from tracking down my 14 year old!!! He's been at his dad's, s'pose to come home YESTERDAY! I finally track his dad down (at the bar)...........long story short, the boy is home. I had to apologize to him for flippin' out so bad. He was so cool about it and said he knows how I am when he's with his dad. I'll wake up tomorrow and realize he's playin' the hell outta me. I'm just glad we're all home!
  6. Yeah im pretty bored.... comin off a cold so i cant really go out, and afterglowing from a 120mg dxm trip.. just listening to some music and smoking bowls right now..

    i need to figure out something to do
  7. mmm saturday night pickup
    nothing like a 1/4 to make your night ;)
  8. my saturday was smoke-free :/
    my boy ended up goin to sleep, think he had some bud but just didnt wanna smoke it, bast0rd heh
  9. Wow, all our Saturdays were pretty gay. I was out, but it was a smoke-free Saturday. We basically drove around for 5 hours with a pain in the ass bitch in the back seat being loud the whole time. Then we met up with some other kids who were already blazed and went bowling until 1 am. Too bad I wasn't stoned -- that bowling alley was pretty trippy.

    No smoking. Didn't even get any ass...what a waste! :D
  10. actually, my night got and Nic went and got a 1/4, saw an old friend at a diner, ended up staying at her house and talking for 6 hours...good times :)
  11. my saturday was alarm didnt go off and my gf called, says i was late...i was like OOHHHH SHIT..anyway, i made it there, we hung out most of the day, went over to a friends house, took a nap together..then went and spent some 'alone' time, all in all it was cool.
  12. Namron is different. ...aparantly.

    my sat yeilded good results in a sitting on my sss looking for & finding dope kinda way.

    crappy morrocan but it's the best i've seen for weeks.

  13. My sat night was fun..... My friend had some people over his place so i ate some more mushrooms and drank a bottle of hypnotic..... the played beer pong for a few hours..... A good night full of random people and even more random events....

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