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  1. Why was there lip stck on the blonds steering wheel???

    She was trying to blow the horn!
  2. how can u tell if a blonde has been on a date?
    theres a belt buckle imprint on her forehead

    (i always thought this joke was odd....i didnt know they came that small. LMAOOOO stilll yea...words...)
  3. at lunchtime a blonde walks up to soda machine looks it over carefully, puts her money in and gets her coke, puts more money in and gets a 7-up,line is starting to form behind her. takes more money and gets an orange crush,an impatient guy behind her say's aren't you done yet! The blonde looks at him and say's Duh, of course not , I'm still winning!![​IMG]
  4. how can u tell if a blonde has been using a computer?
    theres white out on the screen

    a blonde is driving down a country road and while passing a field sees another blonde in a rowboat in the middle of the field. The blonde thats driving pulls over and gets out. She asks the blonde in the field what she's doing and gets the reply, "Duh, I'm rowing across this field." So the blonde on the road side says, "It's blonde like you who give the rest of us a bad name, and if I could swim I'd go over there and kick your ass."
  5. A blonde walks up to a river one day to go fishing. She spots another blonde on the opposite river bank reeling in a big one. She hollers out "Hey, how do you get to the opposite side?"

    The other blonde replies "You are already on the opposite side"
  6. What's the difference between a blonde and a fridge?

    The fridge doesn't fart when you take the meat out ;)
  7. why was the blondes belly button bruised?

    blonde boyfriend
  8. *LOL* thoe are good ones.

    How do you keep a blonde occupied??

    Tell her to put a square block in a round hole!
  9. whats the difference between a blonde and a mosquito?

    ..if you slap the mosquito, you can get it to stop sucking
  10. This Blonde is at a Barn Dance when she starts to feel dizzy from the alcohol she's had.She wanders out to a grassy field to lay down and watch the stars.A cow searching for clover gently steps over her. The Blonde groggily lifts her head and says......One at a time boys, One at a time!! :smoking:
  11. How do you kill a blonde?

    Put spikes on her shoulders.
  12. How do you drownd a blonde?

    Put a scratch and sniff at the bottom of a pool

  13. Hey herbstheword, not to sound blonde or anything, but I don't get your joke.
  14. whats a blondes mating call??

    "I'm sooooo drunk!!!"

  15. if spikes are on a blonde's shoulders then when she walks along and bobs her head back and forth like an idiot, she will puncture her head on the spikes and therefore die

    its hard to explain, it would be easier to just show you
  16. I always thought it meant that'd she die when she shrugs her shoulders...because she doesn't know the answer to anything.
  17. i guess that makes sense too but the person who told it to me a long time ago said it was because of the way they walk
  18. A Blind man and his guide dog enter a bar, find a stool and he orders a drink. After sitting there a bit, he yells out to the Bartender "You wanna' hear a Blonde joke?". The bar becomes very quite,and the blind man hears a raspy voice next to him say, "Look man, the Bartender's a blonde, the Bouncer is a blonde, I'm a blonde biker, the guy next to me is a blonde pro-wrestler, and the guy on the other side of you is a blonde Boxer. Are you sure you still want to tell your blonde joke???????" The blind man hesitates a moment, then replies, "Naw, not if I'm gonna have to explain it 5 times!!" :D:
  19. LOL Cowboy!

  20. Thats beacuse its a blond joke :p


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