Another biking stoned post by "That crazy guy on the strange bike"

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TooSicKs, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. Since my life pretty much revolves around a combination of bongs n bikes, mostly whenever o got something to say you can prolly guess it's gonna be a stoned biker post haha.

    Anyways, i'm jus sittin here chillin smokin a bowl, gettin ready to go ride. Yesterday i was riding and i bunnyhopped off a set of stairs with my rigid trials fork on, damn that was harsh, and i rode home and swapped out my fork for my bomber 3" suspension fork. I went out and rode and had the most fun i had in a long time riding some truly fast, hard, and aggressive urban asssault. With the technical skills that trials riding has gotten me and my bmx and dirtjumping aggression and angst, combined with a bike that can do it all, makes for some hella fun! My bike is perfectly tuned to how i ride and after yesterday has become even more a natural extension of my body. For all of you who don't ride, or at least don't ride hard, i'll try to describe the feel. Imagine you're on a bike, but the bike is alive, it moves, flexes it's own muscles, and thinks by itself, it knows how to do the moves, you just have to tell it waht moves to do. That's the feeling i'm talking about, it's so damn sweet, the bike as a separate mechaincal piece becomes invisible and you feel like you got this kinda superpower that lets you fly over gnarly terrain like down stairs, up stairs, off dropoffs, over big jumps with ease. Damn i just lov to ride and for all you stoned hardcore poeple you should know the feeling, lust like snowboarding when you get locked in and land big airs and shizzle with ease, i just love that "zone" feeling where you can't miss a trick and even if you do you won't wreck or have to bail, you can just ride it out and recover cause you're so "one with your bike(or board)"

    I know a few of you are herbally enhanced agressive riders of bike, board or whatever you get rad on, and i think it would be pretty cool if you all posted some of your riding pics.

    My new aviatr is from yesterday's ride and is just a little stairdrop i was doing.

  2. I'm building a mod trials bike out of a haro zippo bmx frame, i've got most of the stuff i just need a small chainring and a good fork.

    Although I ride a mtb, i've been riding BMX for so many years that my riding has a lot of bmx style, lots of power, and having a bike set up like mine is, i basically have a 26"bmx bike with suspension when i got my bomber on, and i can in theory do a tailwhip, i got long brake cables for barspin ability and am going to get a hollow headstem nut so i can put the ceble through the fork. I could put a rotor on but i've never liked rotors and even in my bmx days i rode with long cables and had no probs with barspins as long as i didn't do too many without "unwinding" if you prewind you can get like 2 in a row before going the other way. The riding i d just don't have a lot of barspin stuff tho, i've been going big and technical lately, i might go hit he skatepark tonight.

    Hey, did you see the Jib video trailer yet by Thor Wixom? check out it's in the video section somewhere, download the trailer and check it out, pretty raw shit,,,

    The stair gaps are sick on thqt vid and it's got footage of burnside riding that's way sweet.

  3. your new avatior is preeety cool.

    so this is what i got to look forward to eh? my kid hads built ramps all over the place, we insisted he move the one out of the middle of the driveway and to quit digging holes in it as well.
    his latest jump is thru a 6foot long mudhole. i been priity hard on his ass about it. readin your post, and maybe the smokin i just finished just made me decide to lighthen up on all the mud, bikes and closthes hes ruinin.
    have fun and dont kill yerself boy. :)
  4. Hey HB you should check out the new trailer from the latest Thor video, statement. Go to, click on videos and download the trailer for statement and you'll see a monster fuckin tailwhip over a ridge, some mad freeriding and dirtjumping, and overall soem pretty sick shizz by any standars. you should check it out, it's some of the most progressive riding to date, oh yeah, and ya gotta admit those logbridge drops look fun as hell, i wanna ride tha 'shore!

    Hardtails all the way, no pussy ass suspension, i also ride singlespeed, no gears, so i'm not far from bmx bike except for 26"wheels, if you rode my bike you'd prolly feel like you're just on a big bmx machine that can handle gnarly shit at scary fast speeds with ease.

    Check out Monty for 20" trials bikes, they got a model called the x-alp and goes for about $350 complete ready to ride mod trials. Go to and look uner bikes.

  5. Yeah HB, i rode urban bmx for years brakeless, and i still did technical stuff as well as go big, but for what i ride good brakes are an absolute necessity, i can gap about a bikelength and land on my rear wheel.

    haha today i got a new headset and i set my brakes up so they go through the stem, so now i can do barspins, all i gotta do is relearn'em. only prob tho is my feet are so big that if i have my cranks other than vertical i hit my toes so i'm gonna have to do one footer barspins so my foot stays out of the way.

    Did you check the vid yet? it opens with a massive tailwhip over a mountain ridge, and some dude busts a sweet ass backflip off the same shit going the other way. It's got some dirtjumping footage that's pretty raw too.

    Actually i don't believe full suspension itself is for pussies, but it's always some weiner who got more money than brains and balls the size of weed seeds who rides full suspension, and they got this superior "oh, you ride a hardtail, hahah" bullshit attitude, till i fuckin huck off a rock wall that they're busy trying to lower their precious double boiner down without a scratch, those people piss me off.

    I want to build a REAL full suspension bike next, not a pansy ass big travel bike for going downhill without getting a sore ass, but a real, built for riding off cliffs, 15 foot drop to flat, true hardcore suspension bike. Most full susp frames tho just won't survive my 250lb ass gettin rad and going big so i need a real high end frame with a solid swingarm and no 4 link multi pivot crap to break. Still tho, my roots are BMX and suspension just feels kinda like cheating, i can go big on my stiffy still, and i have NO suspension, total rigid fork, and i ride it so hard i scare other bikers.

    Basically HB, the only difference between our bikes is the wheel size, i basically have a 26" bmx bike.

    Hell yeah singlespeed all the way, Fuck Gears!!! plain and simple gears suck and are made so lazy fucks can "pedal easy", if you want easy here's a bag of doritos, now go sit at home and spank it with yer cheesey yellow hands haha. I love singlespeed cause there's nothing to break and when you crunch on the pedals there's always somethin there, you never wonder what gear you're in, and if it gets "hard to pedal" shut the fuck up, quit your bitchin and pedal harder!!!

    Told haha yeah all i do everyday is puff ganj and ride, i put in 40-50 hours a week and sometimes more riding, and i'm finally reaching a level in my riding that i used to dream about since i was a kid. I have the time, the equipment, and 20+ years of experience and after the jizzly shizzle that happened to me over the past few years put life in a new perspective for me. I now as an adult have the total freedom to ride like i'm a kid again, only now i'm a big happy stoned kid on a bike.

    When i ride it's so much more than being on a bike and havin fun, i feel like with my bike i can cross barriers of human performance, i endure incredible pain, and i step into another plane of existence where i can gracefully move myself in slow motion, yet everybody else is in real time. Weed helps me ride too cause it slows everything down. When i ride i'm no longer human, more like a wild animal, and that's what i try to achieve, that natural state of being where all thought goes away, all comprehension of everything, and you go into the zone and "lock in". I try to tap into the primal brain, the animal instincts, pure fight or flight, and get an incredible adrenaline and endorphine rush that goes really well with the dopamine release that weed causes. Sometimes i ride till i literally fall off my bike from exhaustion, rest for a few seconds, get back on my bike, and ride some more. Sometimes i catch myself making animal sounds when i ride, sometimes i'll make crazy monkey soundin' sounds and sometmes people hear me growling and snortin' and snarling when they walk by where i'm riding.

    I consider riding my zen, my philosiphy, my martial art, something that no matter how hard i try, how good i get, there is still no limits, cause i can ALWAYS improve. It's my way of life, and also my quest to find the ultimate inner peace. I visualize, at times, that if i ride hard enough, if i connect mind and body in such intricacy and intimacy, and draw up all the energy of my being, that i will somehow transcend existence itself and become pure energy.

  6. Sorry I don't have any action shots, but here are a few of my bikes......

    I just picked up a trek tr10 at goodwill for 10 bucks!!!!! it is a little scuffed up , but it rides good!

    GT MTB
    Haro mirra 540
    ol skool cruiser complete with banana seat!

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  7. you really love bikes man.

    which makes me love you.

    because i ride a mongoose to work everyday
  8. I hear you man biking and weed are my life as well :D
  9. come to bc and ride the shore man i just bought a new norco six 2 it rips like crazy make sure you ride cbc on seymour
  10. God damn, almost 7 years!

    But yeah to add, I love to ride bikes while high. I'm waiting for it to get warm because it's way cheaper to ride than ski. But I wish I lived near a real ski area, one that does mountian biking in the summer, that would be sick.
  11. I enjoy biking and herb! I ride all mountain most of the time, little urban crashing, and street rigid stuff, bmx...
  12. dirtbikes give u more of a buzz
  13. Biked in the snow a week ago. Fun.

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  14. Yea boi represent da mongoose. those things skid up so mean.
  15. I imagine riding a bike high would be cool. unfortunetly I haven't owned a bike since I was 15.
  16. [ame=""]Mountain Biking gone wrong - LOL - YouTube[/ame]
  17. Biking is the best stoned.

    I own quite a few bikes....haro f4 bmx, Iron horse sanchem 3.0, specialized p2 snd my fr norco...I'm an avid biker i get hurt i get bike withdrawls lol...

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