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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by supperfly, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. So i got tired of the dispensary prices and decided to grow a little of my own personal use. First time grow and indoor setup. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. what wattage is your light and do you have a fan or two to put on the plants in the tent to strengthen them up? Looks like a pretty nice tent, just got my first tent.
  3. Power to ya, fuck the dispensaries. They hustle you harder than dealers
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  4. I am running a 600W MH/HPS
    48x48x80 grow tent
    6" carbon filter
    6" vortex fan

    Also have two 110 CFM inline fans and one 150 CFM inline fan not using them right now.

    This is just a test run those plants been outside since march i completely forgot about them my wife's been watering them with her garden lol I think she was using miracle grow on them with tap water lol. Not expecting anything from them just testing out the tent and heating. While I am waiting for some bean from a friend.

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  5. Nice almost the same setup i use, it looked like your lights a little high, i put mine at about 15 inches above the canopy.
  6. Those aren't beyond help if you transplant them and get them under a proper feeding schedule.
  7. One is starting to flower the other one is looking good. Your right I should put them in bigger pots but like i said just running the system trying to control the heat problem.
    While running the MH for 18/6 my temps were around 77 to 80 degrees. Now running the HPS 12/12 my temps are 80 to 86 degrees. Running the carbon through the hood to the fan and out the tent.
    Any recommendations on what I could do to lower my temp?

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  8. Are you venting to the out doors? Only thing I can do is open windows. If you can get an air conditioner it would do it. Raising the light helps at canopy level and increasing the vent cams.

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  9. Venting outside, inside temp is 75 degrees. Is 85 to hot to run at?

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  10. Nice setup.

    I count at least 4 90's in your ducting. Each one reduces your cfms by 10%. I'd reconfigure it to have the fewest 90's possible.

    Your carbon filter is another restriction, up to 40% reduction. All things considered you would be better off picking up another fan and running your light and filter separately. It can be done with one fan, if the run is short with few bends.

    Run 2 fans and your grow temps will be within 5f of intake temps.

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