Another bad trip, might just quit now

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  1. So for the past 24 days or so I've been fasting, not eating or drinking from sunrise to sundown. This is also known as Ramadan to those of who you know, and ever since this month of fasting began I've stopped smoking weed. But then I had a really bad day and just needed to calm down before I did anything stupid and so I smoked :devious:. After that I've been doing it every so often at night to fall asleep and just relax which was a nice high, no bad trip. However, the past two times I've been out with my friends I've been having these horrible trips. And last night's just pushed me to the edge >.<

    So I'm smoking with my friends after I broke my fast and I take one hit out of the bong and I milked it pretty well :bongin:. I was fine until the high finally kicked in :mad: After that I felt like I was having out of body experiences, like I was watching my own life happen before my eyes. As I leaned down I could feel everything and it was overwhelming. Slouching down was overwhelming as my body felt every movement I made, grasping my hands together was weird as well like everything was too much. I should also say that I'm an introvert and talk to myself a lot. So, with that said these thoughts kept racing into my head, I felt dead. I knew then and there that I needed to just go home and rest and being with my friends was not going to help.

    So, I got home and when I did I ate, drank water, took a bath, did some pushups etc and I was slowly coming back to my senses but slowly I would fall back into my thoughts overwhelming me. As I watched everything I felt like it was all happening frame by frame by frame, I don't know how to explain it. I looked at myself in the mirror and I felt like i wasn't myself, like I was surprised to even see myself as I am. Looking at myself in the mirror, I wondered how this all came to be. I looked at my eyes and they were right about to shut, blood shot red, and I could feel a throbbing in my eyes. During the entire time I felt my heart beating harder and harder and as I looked around the back of my head was throbbing as well, which I find explainable being that the occipital lobe is at the back. I tried to do whatever I could to get down from the high but I just felt dead in the end. I started to react slowly as to not startle myself with any sudden movement. Finally I knocked out and when I woke up I still felt the depersonalization and still do now. Nothing is the same and I feel like the bad trip really just got the best of me. :confused_2:

    I'm not sure why I felt the way I did when I smoked with my friends, maybe it's the amount I took? Maybe it's because of the lack of energy in my body being that I'm fasting and am almost always fatigued? Or, maybe it's the weed? Maybe it's a combination of the above? :confused: Idk... But whatever it is, a part of me won't rest until I find out.

    So, for now I feel like I should stop smoking, take a break until Ramadan is over which is will be on Saturday. And instead of smoking some of the stuff my friend has I'll be smoking with another person who grows himself. I wanna know why this happened to me and I wanna know how I can stop it.

    I'm seeing my psychologist this Thursday to talk to her about my depression anger and my introvert personality, should I talk to her about the bad trip I had as well? Maybe it has something to do with me being how I am psychologically?
  2. Why do you think smoking a little marijuana constitutes as a trip? Your obviously a new smoker, and you did say you see a psychiatrist , if you have some disorder using drugs probably isn't the greatest idea, know your limits and don't over think things.
  3. Sorry bro, not a new smoker. And I know what a bad trip feels like being that I used to wake up and bake every day during the whole college semester and it was awesome at the time. And my disorder is depression and anger addiction, weed has been proven to help with those conditions. Nice try though bro, I'm pretty well informed as it is.

    Also another possible answer could be that the weed was laced, which it just might be.
  4. Try ssmoking by yourself see if you enjoy it more
  5. Was it your bong? If not, it might have resin of some spice products and they're extremely strong.
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    My friend and i picked up from the same person so we have the same stuff. However, when I'm at home I still get that out of body experience but just not as intense as when I'm with them since I don't smoke as much. It's crazy lol

    @billcosby87 The friend that holds the bong doesn't do spice, and yeah i know what you mean. Taking too much spice can really give you a bad trip. :\ But I know for a fact that it wasn't spice.
  7. life is measured in tokes, not milking

    hahahaha, you fasted then tried to milk???? WTF... diabetic much???

    next time try drinking massive amounts of sugar before smoking... then just toke, don't milk....

    lemme put it in drinking terms... don't you get more drunk when not eating? then why wouldn't you get more stoned when not eating? Wouldn't it take less food to get full if you have not eaten in a week? then why wouldn't tolerance lower when you have not smoked in a week(guessing you gave up smoking for a week as well)

    life is about moderation, not excess....

    after starving yourself like that your body is all messed up.... then gorging anything would make you sick, so does weed.... slow your roll

    God would appreciate you for knowing your limits....

    I slow my roll when i have just not eaten for the day.... let alone for a week

    quitting is not the answer...
  8. nah bro I wouldn't say it's laced..

    from someone that has a psychologically unsound disposition(anxiety and depression specifically) I can say that smokin the weed can make you jump to conclusions as you have listed. It honestly sounds like you didn't eat enough for that day and quite possibly have been dehydrated as well, this would explain your discomfort after taking bong rip(s). Even though you said you ate after you started feeling uneasy, that can take some stress out on your body since your stoned body has to figure out what to do with the food and drink after it's been starving all day, which would make you feel more dizzy. I've had it happen before, I woke up at noon one day then my friends called me to hang out before I had a chance to eat anything. I went to her house and we sat in the kitchen toking for almost an hour while she was making soup, after a couple bites of the soup I got clammy and was losing my vision, almost falling face first off the counter I was sitting on. they took me to a bed so I could lay down and that seemed to help until I could eventually stomach some water and sit up straight. You just gotta know your limits physically, especially if you haven't eaten that day. Our bodies need fuel to function, just like your car would crap out without any gas our bodies do the same.
  9. @tihspeed right on point, and well put. In attempt to defense myself for the milking though let's just call it not paying attention as I focused on lighting the bowl and didn't see how milked it was lol. And yeah everything in moderation. Thanks

    @4Ridgemont4 - Yeah definitely gonn'a do that and you're right as well. A part of me won't let this situation go until I figure out why the heck it happened so when I'm done fasting and get back onto my regular active life I'm gonn'a smoke grown stuff from a person I trust and see how that goes. :)
  10. nice to see your open to advice...

    I've been in your shoes... I know about bad trips, I was always the guy racing to keep up on the J.... I've learned in my old age to slow down... respect my limits

    hahahahah... it only took a trip to the ER at one in the morning on a work day to figure that out...

    usually the freakout your experiencing is a mild overdose... nothing really happens other than paranoia and cold sweats and possible vomiting....

    i'm going to go out on a limb here and say your mildly diabetic or the fasting is fucking with your system... sugar helps your body cope with a diabetic shock... trust me.. I make all first timers or sporadic smokers drink coke while they smoke... its like OJ and the cid... it helps the high

    good luck on moderation Aziz
  11. I wouldn't "quit" all together with using weed. I know exactly what you are describing as your "bad trip". I used to have a few similar experiences after fasting and smoking weed. Sometimes your body and mind is already so exhausted that your mind eventually can play tricks on you when under the influence (be it weed, alcohol, mushrooms, etc.).

    Perhaps you should just take a break or smoke less rather than take a huge milky bong rip. I'm sure your psychological issues played a role in you having a bad trip as well but I would not be so quick to condemn weed and blame it for your bad experience.

    Another possible explanation could be your moral issues with using marijuana. Do you feel guilty for smoking pot? Do you think it is wrong socially or religiously? If so, then you will always have some sort of mental issues in regards to your use of marijuana and it could cause you to have "bad trips" again. If it is any consolation, I have done a lot of reading and research in regards to marijuana and Islam and I don't see it as haram in any way, shape or form. I can expand on that trough a pm if uou want.
  12. Please do white light is actually like to hear what you have to say if you don't mind taking the time.

    Andfortunately for me I'm not not diabetic, I've always been healthy with an athletic build. Swimming running wrestling etc. But being in the heat and not having any water or food really can take a toll your blood sugar level. Great advice thank you all
  13. That sounds alot like my salvia trip, your friend fucked you over probably. hahahaha
  14. 24 days? thats fucked
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    So you were fasting with no water and no food for 24 days? That sounds like an incredibly healthy thing to do.:rolleyes:

    You broke your fast with friends? What did you eat? If you were retarded and ate Taco Bell or McDonald's, then that's probably what your problem is.

    How are you even alive right now?
  16. Lmao I'm surprised with some of the answers here now. First off its not possible to live without water for three days approximately let alone being able to survive 24 without food and water. Lol any who I eat everyday but I only eat when the sun is down. And no I don't eat junk food like that. I'm a fairly healthy person lol.

    And damn yeah so many people who have had a bad trip had nearly the same symptoms I did. Well I'll just take it for qgat it is lol
  17. Yeah its true I'm a type 1 diabetic, don't trip i'm very fit, And if i smoke my blood sugar generally drops, often when someone is hungry or feels out of it its due to low sugar. You don't have to be diabetic to have a low blood sugar

    My best advice is don't think too much about any bad feelings. And honestly we've all had bad experiences with weed , usually hash/tobacco for me though cuz of the nicotine. Sometimes it helps to throw up when you feel bad, not force yourself but if you feel like you want to, then puke.
  18. I rather be high atm. being drunk is so scaiy yet fun.....high is so much more satisfying while drunk is...idk fun yet too much for me
  19. Dude you're not tripping, there's no trip.

    You're stoned...

    Stop giving weed so much credit, realize that you have power over the high. Take smaller hits as well
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    Yeah regardless it was a bad trip but mainly because of me. Thinking about it now if I could I would apologize to Mary Jane myself and tell her I'm sorry lol. Any who if it weren't me I'm sure everyone else would have felt the same thing as I did. So yeah just a bad trip because of my current state. :)

    And yeah I know you don't have to be diabetic to have low blood sugar just like you don't have to be unhealthy to be overweight. :D

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