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Another bad Day

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. Took the ex to Hatfield KY to her parents house. I got up 5:00 am saturday morning was at work at 6:30 am. I worked 10 hours come home, showered, then left and drove 423 miles to Ky. (8 hours) Stayed up there for 10 hours (no sleep) Then drove back here. I'm past tired and already gotten pretty fucked up after i got home! Now i'm going to shower and maybe i'll be back! Or maybe not!

    No sleep for too fucking long!!!
  2. blaze up a blunt and get some shut eye
  3. Your a hardcore mother fucker ;)

    If it makes you feel any better, I've been fryin five days in a row and I got two hours of sleep last night, I feel like shit. Oh yeah and I didn't get any, ain't that a bitch ;)

  4. But did you get laid???
  5. Silly question, BPP...........he said he didn't get any sleep.........and we ALL know what a man does after he gets some!!!!!!!
  6. Bud Head........I'm so sorry you ended up having a bad weekend and you are functioning on no sleep. I know how that is all too well. Eventually good karma will find its way to you........and I hope it comes soon.

    It would've been a good weekend had I been there!!!!!! LOL
  7. BPP YES!

    Critter LMAO!

    Stonie Jo Not always!

    420Girlie You got it! I only sleep 4-5 hours per night when i do sleep!

    Flowerchild I do believe it would have been a great week end if you had been here or there!!!!!!!

    Got 4 and a half hours sleep last night. Worked 14 hours today. Did not get laid today!!! Still up kicking ass and taking names!!
  8. Go to bed......................................................................

    What are you still reading this for? I thought I told you to get your ass to bed ;)

    What, do I need to fucking come tuck you in or somethin, move it mister ;)
  9. You'd better be prepared for more than sleep if you come to tuck my ass in!!!!!!! I don't need much sleep just a LOT of SEX!!!!!!!!! or weed!!!!!!!!
  10. We have so much in common ;)
  11. 420girlie I agree!

    Critter you may be right my friend!

  12. So you did get laid??? Since you were with your ex-wife and her family I am assuming it was with either her or one of her cousins and that's a spooky thought. Since you like crazy women so much, have you thought about asking Tonya Harding the ex-olympic skater/convicted felon out for a date?
  13. Yes I did get laid. Not by the ex or her cousins. I got laid by a girl named cindy that was a friend of the ex back in school. She has always wanted to screw me from the first time we met. We got a little stoned and the next thing I knew she was on the floor and AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Tonya harding wanted to go out with me but after her boy friend ended up in the hospital, I won't even talk to that bitch!!!!!
  14. aaah, glad to see ya finally got'cha some big guy.!!!!
    any particular reason why you had to drive to anohter state to copulate? hahahehe okyou know i just cant help myself
    hugs an a big smooch cause im all in the "moody" now
    thanks :)
  15. Hey baby where have you been? Good to see ya !

    Yea it's bad when you have to go out of state just to get laid!!! LOL

    Smoochs and lovings back to you sweetie!

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