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Another B-day

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, May 19, 2002.

  1. Today I turn another year older and better looking. A little smarter and alot happier.

    Peace to my friends and family here at the city!!!!!!!!
  2. Damn what a Birthday present YOU"RE gettin'!!! A Beautiful Lil' Princess!! (even if she's a day late for your Birthday,lol):hello: :hello: :D:

    Another "mile marker" past on your journey, MANY more to come!!! Hope you have a TERRIFIC B-day my friend, you deserve all the joy life has to offer!!!

    We Love Ya Bud Head,
    Cowboy & PoohGator :wave: :D:
  3. Take momma out for a labor inducing ride down a bouncy road! That way you won't have to worry remembering the new additions birthday! Seein's how you're getting along in years I figure it will help you out.:)

    Congrats and good luck tomorrow my friend!
  4. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Happy Birthday Bud Head!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  5. I hope your birthday is a happy one, Bud Head, and may all your birthday wishes come true!!
  6. So now your an Old-er Fried
    Peace man...I'll burn one for ya.....

  7. Thanks folks! It really does feel like family around here.

    I wish the little princess was born today. I guess tommorrow will have to do. I still have a little time left on today though.
    If momma was to start labor pains, i'd have to rush her to the hospital quick. She can't have this baby natural and if she starts to try I have to go fast!!!!

    Smokie a bouncing road ride would do the trick. I just don't want to get things going to fast. I getting on in years fast!

    Thanks justme and stonygurl. I hoipe my wishes come true. I'll get to meet a few of ya!!!

    NdicaBud, Older, more fried,and can fart as good as i always could!

    Thanks to all for the B-Day wishes!!!!!!!

  8. 39 going on 93 hahahaa. I am holding off on the smoke and drink till the baby is home and doing well.

    You'll have to smoke a little extra for me my friend.
  9. Happy (Late) Birthday, Bud Head! I would sing the whole birthday song here for you but unless you can actually hear the out of tune singing then it just isn't the same. I will, however, smoke a bowl for you. I guess I should really smoke 39 bowls for you but I really don't need to get that high so some of the other guys might have to help me out with getting all 39 bowls smoked. I doubt they will have a problem with that, though!!!!!
  10. Well I hope its not too late to tell you Happy Birthday and i hope everything has gone good with the delivery.

    I still thank God, that its you taking a newborn home tomorrow and not me. LOL
  11. Thanks guys and gals. My princess only missed my b-day by one day!

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