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Discussion in 'General' started by DayTripper9, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Well a couple of days ago i posted a thread on how to turn your screen into a negative mode when using an apple computer. A lot of people never seemed to have known this and really liked it. So I thought I would make another thread about a neat trick that maybe not everyone knows.

    I think most people know this but i hope maybe one of you wont so this will teach you something new.

    If you hold shift when opening or minimizing any application it will open out in slow motion. It creates a cool effect when high.

    There are 3 different styles of minimizing too. Genie or scale. you can choose between those 2 in your system preferences. The third style isnt as easy to get to but i think is much cooler. its the "Suck" effect. your application gets sucked into its spot on the dock.

    1. open terminal located in your utilities folder
    2. type this:

    "defaults write mineffect -string suck" (no quotation marks)

    3. You need to restart the dock so, open the activity monitor application it will be in your utilities application folder. Find the dock app, right click and force quit. it will auto restart
  2. knew these ones too, still cool stuff, in hs they had macs and i'd always amaze my friends with this stuff ahah.
  3. Hahaha that slow thing is cool with the genie....Ill have to try the suck here in a min.
  4. bump in case someone doesnt already know this trick

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