Another anti-gay politician turns out to be... gay.

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  1. Christian right leader George Rekers takes vacation with "rent boy" - Page 1 - News - Miami - Miami New Times

    This seems to be a usual occurrence these days, and to me, it proves that gays do not have the choice of being gay. What Rekers is doing, is what is referred to as 'psychological projection'. He's projecting his hate of himself onto others. It seems to me, that he's so ashamed of being gay, that he has gone to extraordinary lengths to prevent others from being gay. He's authored books on children's sexuality, he works with an organization that tries to 'straighten' gays, etc. He's not actually bigoted towards gays, like his actions would suggest, it seems like he's trying to solve what he sees as a 'problem'. He sees being gay as such a huge social stigma, that he's willing to hide his true identity, and go through all this bullshit to prevent others from being gay.

    I actually feel sorry for people like Rekers, because it's so obvious. It's sad that being gay is such a huge social stigma, wait no, it's not sad, it's disgusting.
  2. im so sick of hearing about gay people, just legalize the shit already
  3. c'mon man.. can you blame him after reading that description? :p

    but yeah.. seems like the loudest critics are always the ones getting caught in the rest stop men's rooms.
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    I agree that this is more sad than anything else. The fact that he has to hide his interest in men or act if it is shameful and unacceptable is very unfortunate, whether liberal or conservative. Maybe the homophobic contributes of forum can learn something from this, that is that homosexuality isn't a choice. Yet something tells me his followers would rather shun him forever than offer him their support.
  5. This article isn't biased at all.
  6. i guess its about time for the church to put this guy through the de-gayification program. im starting to feel like they set these revelations up so they can "demonstrate" how jesus saves people from homosexuality.

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